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Closed READ ME FIRST: answers to common questions by Deleted user

Here are the answers to some common questions w...
1 02 June 2009, 9:41 PM

by Deleted user

No session key by Deleted user

I have done a new install of 1.2 on Ubuntu Serv...
4 15 August 2011, 5:10 PM

by Deleted user

WYSIWYG editor by Deleted user

11 14 August 2011, 8:52 AM

by Yannis Kaskamanidis

Default quota/Maximum quota by Wullie

5 12 August 2011, 8:44 PM

by Kristina Hoeppner

Journal template by Deleted user

Is there a way of creating a template journal f...
5 12 August 2011, 8:30 PM

by Kristina Hoeppner

Leap2 Import by Deleted user

I have just installed 1.4 and the Import option...
6 12 August 2011, 8:14 PM

by Kristina Hoeppner

"Some HTML" block by sean mcclelland

8 12 August 2011, 8:00 PM

by Kristina Hoeppner

Moodle Integration - Mahara Portfolio Error by Deleted user

When creating a new Mahara activity within Mood...
1 12 August 2011, 11:17 AM

by Deleted user

Secret URL by Deleted user

I notice that the secret URL feature seems to h...
9 10 August 2011, 5:45 PM

by Deleted user

404 error after session timeout with SSO by Deleted user

1 10 August 2011, 7:36 AM

by Deleted user

regularly error-messages in the cron-log by Deleted user

3 09 August 2011, 2:54 AM

by Deleted user

error-messages by editing a view with a navigation by Deleted user

3 08 August 2011, 8:18 AM

by Deleted user

Where can I download updates/upgrades for Mahara? by Deleted user

I know this is probably a stupid question, but ...
5 04 August 2011, 9:31 AM

by Deleted user

lost pages by Deleted user

I am currently getting this message:
Not Found
2 02 August 2011, 4:51 PM

by Deleted user

Created an installation guide by Deleted user

4 01 August 2011, 3:25 PM

by Kristina Hoeppner

Mahara 1.4 + Clamav doesn't work by Deleted user

We have Mahara 1.4 and we try to use clamav 0.9...
6 01 August 2011, 4:29 AM

by Deleted user

Newbie Questions by Deleted user

Ok, not only am I a newbie, I am also an older ...
19 29 July 2011, 7:41 AM

by Deleted user

Invalid session key by Deleted user

I can not finish the installation of Mahara. In...
1 26 July 2011, 11:54 AM

by Deleted user

adding menu items by dan attwood

1 22 July 2011, 4:24 AM

by dan attwood

Where are plugin or modules for download? by Deleted user

Daft question, but I've been poking around for ...
2 21 July 2011, 3:24 PM

by Kristina Hoeppner

very slow logins and database locks by dan attwood

We have recently hit a problem where ae are sei...
6 21 July 2011, 10:00 AM

by dan attwood

how to remove default dashboard block by Deleted user

I have installed mahara 1.4 and use mysql.When ...
5 20 July 2011, 12:41 AM

by Deleted user

Mahara 1.4 Data Folder Structure by Deleted user

Can I ask what might appear to be a naiive ques...
2 19 July 2011, 6:14 PM

by Deleted user

Problem with greek language by Panagiotis Stasinakis

Hello to everyone!!
5 18 July 2011, 10:38 PM

by Panagiotis Stasinakis

No images in journal posts by Kristina Hoeppner

2 18 July 2011, 3:56 PM

by Kristina Hoeppner

Moodle 2 Assignment by Ali Hastie

Sorry to post this here, and I have also looked...
3 18 July 2011, 10:27 AM

by Ali Hastie