Who is Aaron Wells?

Former Mahara developer at Catalyst IT.

Now still at Catalyst, but primarily working on other projects.

  • First name: Aaron
  • Last name: Wells
  • City/region: Wellington
  • Country: New Zealand


Your options are:

1. BUY A MAHARA SUPPORT TICKET: I work for Catalyst IT, in New Zealand, the company that hosts and maintains the Mahara open-source software. We sell reasonably priced Mahara support tickets, which also contribute to the ongoing existence of the Mahara project itself!

2. HIRE SOMEONE ELSE: In addition to Catalyst IT, there are other Mahara partners, companies which offer Mahara support services for hire.

3. ASK IN THE MAHARA FORUMS: Post a request for free community assistance on one of the community forums: https://mahara.org/forums . There, a member of the community (quite possibly one of the Catalyst Mahara devs!) may provide you with assistance, and the public conversation may be of use to others in the community.

But please don't message me personally with Mahara support requests. I can only provide support via the forums, or via hiring my services through Catalyst.

Thanks! Laughing

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