Mahara partners are able to offer you hosting, training and development services for Mahara. If you're thinking of using Mahara, get in touch with a partner to get sound advice and assistance.

If you want to become a partner, please fill out the partner registration form. 

Catalyst IT

Lead developers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Catalyst IT provides core development, maintenance and quality assurance services to the Mahara project. Catalyst is one of the world’s largest open source specialist companies. We offer Mahara development, installation, integration, training and hosting with 24x7 support services. Catalyst is also an official Moodle and Drupal Partner and has a wide range of capabilities and experience in open source technologies.

For example, Catalyst provides user and development support for, a Mahara instance for New Zealand schools that already has over 1,600 institutions registered and using the site.

For further information please contact Kristina Hoeppner.

Discendum (Finland)


As an offshoot of the Finnish academic world, Discendum Oy has been successfully inspiring its customers in the implementation of high-quality online learning projects since 2001. Discendum’s success relies on continuous, customer-oriented product development: we systematically collect customer feedback and develop our services in close co-operation with our customers.

In addition to universities and other educational institutions of different levels, we serve businesses and organisations representing various industries all over Finland. Our customers particularly value the reliability and flexibility of our service, as well as the skills, quick responses, and commitment of our customer support staff.
We provide our customers with high-quality, cost-efficient SaaS services to support learning, a functional work community, and fluent project management.
We are pleased to offer a range of Mahara services for schools and companies:

  • Hosting
  • Helpdesk support
  • Training
  • Consultancy ePortfolio service is managed and supported by Discendum Oy
For further information please visit our Web sites and

GFARIAS (Brazil)

GFARIAS website

Established since 1997, GFARIAS is a prominent company in the Brazilian context, provides technical services and consulting focused on processes of distance learning, with a portfolio of customers throughout the country. As official partner of Mahara in Brazil, offers hosting services and consulting to implementation and use of this technology for distant learning processes and knowledge management.

Estabelecido deste 1997, GFARIAS é uma empresa de destaque no cenário brasileiro, oferece serviços técnicos e consultoria focadas em processos de aprendizagem a distância, com um portfólio de clientes espalhados por todo o país. Como parceiro oficial do Mahara no Brasil, oferece serviços de hospedagem e consultoria para implantação e uso desta tecnologia para fins de aprendizagem a distância e gestão do conhecimento.

Kineo Pacific (New Zealand)

Kineo (Pacific)

Kineo (Pacific) guides the development roadmap of Mahara, working closely with partner company Catalyst IT, and provides a full suite of services alongside the technical team.

  • Manages, a New Zealand wide ePortfolio service for higher education
  • Manages, a New Zealand wide ePortfolio service for schools
  • Research, business analysis and software design services for Mahara
  • Designing pilot programmes
  • Training and workshops for getting the best results from your ePortfolio
  • Project management services

Contact Richard Wyles

Mitstek (Japan)


Mitstek Consulting Inc. is the official translator for Mahara in Japanese.Mitstek is also the official Moodle Partner, official Japanese translator for Moodle. We offer Mahara hosting and installation services for educational institutions in Japan. For further information Please contact Mitshiro Yoshida

Netspot (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong)


NetSpot offers premium technology services for the education sector with an emphasis on scalable, high availability solutions and working relationships which are responsive and flexible. NetSpot is also a Moodle and Wimba partner in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore and a Sakai Commercial Affiliate. We understand education as well as technology and focus particularly on working at the enterprise-level
over the long term. Our core offerings are around:

  • managed hosting
  • help desk
  • development
  • integration and
  • content migration services

Paradiso Solutions (USA, South America)

Paradiso website

Paradiso Solutions is an e-Learning consulting and development firm delivering solutions since 2007 to various clients - from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs. Paradiso Solutions focuses on Mahara, Moodle and Totara implementations. Paradiso Solutions offer LMS and Mahara implementation, consulting, support, hosting, training and course creation. Paradiso Solutions have integrated various open source systems such as Moodle, Mahara and Totara with Salsesforce, SugarCRM, Adobe Connect and various other applications.  Paradiso Solutions have worked with schools, higher education, corporations and government organizations. Paradiso Solutions have clients in USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, India and various parts of Europe. The Paradiso Solutions team recognizes the value of virtual learning and we try our best so our clients get the best out of their LMS investment.

For further information contact or contact us at +1 800 513 5902.

Paradiso Solutions es una empresa de consultoría y desarrollo y entrega de soluciones de e-Learning desde 2007 para diversos clientes - desde compañías Fortune 500 a pequeñas y medianas empresas. Paradiso Solutions se centra en Mahara, Moodle e implementaciones con Totara. Paradiso Solutions ofrece LMS implementaciónes de Mahara, consultoría, soporte, alojamiento, formación y creación de cursos. Paradiso Soluciones ha integrado diversos sistemas de código abierto como Moodle, Mahara y Totara con Salsesforce, SugarCRM, Adobe Connect y varias otras aplicaciones. Paradiso Soluciones ha trabajado con escuelas,  instituciones de educación superior, empresas y organizaciones gubernamentales. Paradiso Soluciones tiene clientes en EE.UU., Canadá, Colombia, Brasil, India y varios países de Europa. El equipo de Paradiso Soluciones reconoce el valor de la enseñanza virtual Damos lo mejor para que nuestros clientes obtengan el mejor provecho de su inversión en el LMS.

Para más información póngase en contacto con web o  email o llama al +57 300 752 4236.

Pukunui Technology (Australia)

 Pukunui Technology logo

Pukunui Technology are leaders in educationally focused open source technologies in Australia. Through the leveraging of existing systems and the custom development of new code, Pukunui are heavily focused in bringing turn key integrated education focused solutions to their clients. To meet these business objectives Pukunui is proud to be both Moodle and Mahara Partners. With this positioning they can offer:

  • End to end training - Training that is both technically and pedagogically relevant. From first install to teacher/student rollout
  • Custom theming and development -  Make your Mahara truly yours with customised styling as well as integration
  • Hosting packages at YOUR level -  Hosting packages designed to meet your needs and budget.
  • Consultancy and Support services - Let Pukunui's team of experienced staff guide and assist you in your E-learning projects

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us

Remote-Learner (CA, UK, USA)


Remote-Learner has been providing educational technology services to academic, business and governmental organizations continuously since 1982. Since 2003 the company has focused on Open Source online learning technologies and supporting services including hosting, training, core development, instructional design and strategic consulting. Remote-Learner is an authorized Moodle partner in North America (US, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean) and creator of the Enterprise Learning Intelligence Suite for Moodle extension. Partnering with Mahara, Alfresco and JasperSoft has allowed us to create an entire stack of online learning supporting services many organizations recognize as vital to the success of their 21st century learning mission.

Synergy Learning (UK, Ireland)


Synergy Learning helps organisations of all sizes to fulfil their users’ learning potential through the creation of powerful eLearning solutions customised to exceed clients’ goals and expectations.

We believe that the Mahara eLearning platform truly enhances the user’s eLearning experience, by providing them with interactive, digital portfolios of their work and achievements online.

Established in 1997, with offices in both the UK and Germany, Synergy Learning has a strong pedigree in eLearning infrastructure support services, content creation, and training delivery, with a large and diverse customer base. Our client portfolio includes;

  • Corporates (ACCA, PWC, BP, KPMG)
  • Education (York University, Coventry University, Eton College)
  • Public Sector and Not For Profit clients (NHS, British Council, Marie Curie, Plan International) to name but a few

Synergy Learning Services that can benefit you...

The leading full-service Mahara Partner in the UK and Ireland, our Mahara services include:

  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Training
  • Theme design
  • Consultancy
  • Custom development

Why Synergy Learning is different…

  • our expertises
  • our passion
  • our team
  • our full service offering
  • our understanding of your business needs
  • our satisfied clients



The Development Manager (UK)


TDM are a UK Mahara Partner based in Worcestershire. We can..

  • Train your staff to use Mahara.
  • Develop your Mahara site content and design.
  • Manage the change process required to establish personalised online learning as a cornerstone of your learning delivery model.

TDM help you to turn a default Mahara shell into a living breathing organism which interfaces and integrates with other open and cloud technologies such as Moodle, Joomla and Google Apps. We offer the following Mahara services:

  • Hosting
  • Theming
  • Site Configuration
  • Site Integration/Networking
  • Administration
  • Contact Creation Services
  • Training (Administrator/End User)
  • Support (Helpdesk/Helpline)
  • Consultancy (Change/Implementation/Technical)

For further information, please Contact TDM

Think Associates (UK)

Think Associates 

Think Associates Ltd helps organisations to implement and make the most of their employee development processes. We recognise that technology is an important part of every HR and Learning professional’s toolkit and see Mahara as a key way for organisations to manage a portfolio approach to learning and development.
Our team consists of highly skilled organisational development consultants, HR practitioners, process redesign experts and project managers, who specialise in working with UK public and private sector organisations, with a particular focus on healthcare.
We focus on listening to you, understanding your needs then developing you a customised solution that actually works - delivering benefits not just products. We focus on developing partnerships with our clients so that you are able to do things yourself and are not dependent on third party support.

Specifically we can help you to:

  •  Create a business case for portfolio-driven learning and evidence.
  •  Configure Mahara to reflect the exact needs of your organisation.
  •  Create a design theme for Mahara that matches your organisations branding.
  •  Manage the entire implementation of Mahara within your organisation, including running training workshops for your staff or help you to manage the implementation effectively.
  •  …and of course all the technical maintenance for Mahara that you require.

For more information please contact Matt Mundey



University of London Computer Centre is a leading provider of eLearning solutions in the UK. They are early adopters of Mahara, which forms a core component eLearning service of their Personalisation Developments (Moodle VLE and their own Individual Learning Plans and Assessment Modules). As well as offering a hosted Mahara service, ULCC will contribute to the development of Mahara to ensure that it meets the needs of the UK education community.

Vidya Mantra (India)

Vidya Mantra 

Vidya Mantra is dedicated to address eLearning design, development and delivery services worldwide. We provide various eLearning solutions viz. consultancy, hosting and deployment, custom development, training, content development and theme designs.

 Our range of services for mahara include:

  • Mahara Hosting and deployment- Fully managed hosting and deployment of your Mahara instance with high availability and cost effectiveness. This includes server management and installation of mahara.
  • MaharaThemes: Uniform Design for Moodle and Mahara. We have themes that carry the same layout and design concept to render uniform experience across moodle and mahara. Elegant Mahara Designs and custom theme development matching to your site.
  • Integration: Complete Integration with Moodle to provide Single-sign-on (SSO) across moodle and mahara. Integration with Google apps and other SaaS like Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Custom  development: If you need something different custom-made to your requirements, we have experienced developers to assist you with that.
  • Consultancy-:Let us answer your what, how and whys about Mahara deployment in your organization.
  • Training: We deliver admin/end user training for using Mahara.

For more information contact

Webanywhere (UK)


Webanywhere Ltd, formed in 2003, provides online learning technology platforms and website design solutions for business training, L&D and HR management to training providers and corporate organisations.

It is partnered with Totara and Moodle (the world's 'number one' open source learning management system) and offers a range of web 2.0 development and legacy integration solutions including content-managed websites, eCommerce, CRM, e-portfolio, rapid e-learning content and digital resources.

For further information contact


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