Mahara Partner Programme

What is the Mahara Partner Programme?

The Mahara Partner Programme is an initiative by Catalyst, the project lead and maintainer. It exists to meet the needs of Mahara support companies and other entities who contribute actively to the Mahara project.

There are no fees associated with the Mahara Partner Programme.

Partner programme tracks

The Mahara Partner Programme's two tracks are Mahara Business Partners and Mahara Supporters.

Mahara Business Partners are companies that offer Mahara support services and contribute features, bug fixes or translations to the Mahara codebase, or other services to the Mahara community.

Mahara Supporters are entities that do not offer commercial Mahara services, but do contribute substantially to the project by organising events, contributing code or engaging in business analysis work or other support activities.

Mahara is backed by Catalyst

Catalyst’s open source specialists are the lead developers and maintainers of the Mahara project. Since the project’s launch in 2006, Catalyst has led development around the world, employing core Mahara contributors who are highly active in the community.

We can support your Mahara implementations and have the team with experience and expertise to help your organisation achieve its vision.

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Benefits of becoming a Business Partner or Supporter

Partnering with Catalyst on the Mahara project gives you the following benefits:

  • Business Partners: Your company is recognised as offering Mahara support services.
    Supporters: You or your institution is recognised as contributing substantially to Mahara.
  • Marketing benefits: You are listed on the Mahara community website as a partner, which opens up the entire Mahara community to you because users can find you more easily and you can expand your network.
  • You receive a special partner logo for your website to indicate that you are a Mahara Business Partner or Mahara Supporter.
  • You can participate in regular meetings with other partners shaping the future of Mahara.
  • You have the opportunity to collaborate with Catalyst on new features for Mahara and provide feedback, instead of only receiving announcements via community forums.
  • You receive advanced notice (approx. 1 week) when minor releases of Mahara are expected, so you can plan your updates.
  • You are invited to a preview of new features scheduled for each new release.
  • You have the opportunity to be featured in the newsletter as a Business Partner or Supporter.
  • You can request official Mahara merchandise design files from Catalyst for your own printing.

Review the Mahara Partner Programme Guide for more details.

Are you interested in becoming a partner?