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Need help using or installing Mahara? Ask your questions here.
If you have found a bug in Mahara, please file a bug report on the Mahara bug tracker at Read the information on what should be included in a bug report.
If you're customising Mahara, please ask your questions in the Developers Forum, the Themes Group, or the Translations Forum as appropriate.
Please read the README thread first. It has answers to some common questions.

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Closed READ ME FIRST: answers to common questions by Account deleted

Here are the answers to some common questions w...
1 02 June 2009, 21:41

by Account deleted

Does Mahara 17.10 Support php 7.1+ by Kevin Dibble

A bit random, but maybe someone else is having ...
2 23 March 2018, 15:16

by Robert Lyon

Journal entries: time stamping by Karen Shackleford-Cesare

2 19 March 2018, 16:58

by Kristina Hoeppner

German users @ by Ralf Klawitter

Hello, are there any users who installed mahara...
2 19 March 2018, 10:41

by Ralf Klawitter

New installation.Content chooser by Richard Samson

A bit of a newbie question!
3 19 March 2018, 9:30

by Richard Samson

Institution Problem by James Marsh

Hi I have just installed mahara-17.10.3 and am ...
3 19 March 2018, 9:16

by James Marsh

Unable to Upgrade to 17.10.1 from 17.04.4 by Peter Westebbe

When starting the upgrade I get the message cor...
15 19 March 2018, 8:27

by Kristina Hoeppner

image rotation by Account deleted

19 10 March 2018, 21:18

by Kristina Hoeppner

Table Borders Not Displaying by Ali Hastie

6 09 March 2018, 7:35

by Kristina Hoeppner

Administrator and Report objectionable material by Josep Lluís Cañadilla

The administrator does not recei...
7 09 March 2018, 7:33

by Kristina Hoeppner

Insert Math tool by Josep Lluís Cañadilla

5 07 March 2018, 20:35

by Josep Lluís Cañadilla

Forum Question - rev 16.10 by Melinda Barnsley

4 02 March 2018, 7:34

by Kristina Hoeppner

dowloading pages as PDF files by Maureen Perkins

I used to be able to downoad pages as PDF files...
2 01 March 2018, 10:45

by Robert Lyon

Mahara install - does not include xml extension by Derrick Ward

4 28 February 2018, 7:43

by Robert Lyon

display of open badges by Teresa MacKinnon

I am testing Warwick's institutional mahara (ak...
3 27 February 2018, 21:12

by Teresa MacKinnon

Maraha reporting cron is not running by Juan Menéndez

2 27 February 2018, 8:30

by Robert Lyon

Latest changes I can view security issue by Peter Easton

Hi All,
2 23 February 2018, 12:37

by Robert Lyon

Locking Group Pages from Editing by Ali Hastie

I was wondering (I maybe missing something) if ...
4 23 February 2018, 7:17

by Kristina Hoeppner

Undefined property: stdClass::$log_backtrace_print_args by Andrew Winkler

I'm trying to install Mahara alongside Moodle. ...
11 23 February 2018, 7:15

by Kristina Hoeppner

unusual page behaviour by Teresa MacKinnon

3 22 February 2018, 21:55

by Teresa MacKinnon

Can't login from email notification link of new file added to group by david mather

We have a group set up that generates an email ...
4 22 February 2018, 9:02

by Kristina Hoeppner

Give access to a portolio to someone from outside the institution by Stéphanie Beauchamp

4 22 February 2018, 8:59

by Kristina Hoeppner

Update fail by Stitou Sophie

Monday i have the message a nonrecorevable erro...
2 22 February 2018, 8:58

by Kristina Hoeppner

fail to install Mahara 17.10.3 by marc reverdy

2 21 February 2018, 12:35

by Administrator

search by A Shafie

2 21 February 2018, 8:35

by Robert Lyon

Overwhelming Messages by Jon Ernstberger

3 10 February 2018, 3:39

by Jon Ernstberger