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Please read the README thread first. It has answers to some common questions.

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Closed READ ME FIRST: answers to common questions by Deleted user

Here are the answers to some common questions w...
1 02 June 2009, 9:41 PM

by Deleted user

Blank login screen - InnoDB Deadlocks by dan attwood

I'm getting probelms when users are trying to l...
1 05 July 2011, 3:45 AM

by dan attwood

Print Profiles and Pages by Conrad Lienhardt

One function is definitly asked by my students ...
8 05 July 2011, 3:39 AM

by Kristina Hoeppner

Collectiuons - horizontal navigation bar error by Mike Korn

Hi All,
12 04 July 2011, 3:01 PM

by Deleted user

New fields and tabs by Deleted user

1 01 July 2011, 9:32 PM

by Deleted user

Database Sessions? by Deleted user

Is it possible to configure Mahara to store ses...
3 01 July 2011, 11:15 AM

by Deleted user

Wrong language on login by Deleted user

I'm having an issue with my Mahara 1.4.0 instal...
7 01 July 2011, 2:50 AM

by Deleted user

Group File quota? by sean mcclelland

Hello, I'm building training videos for my inst...
3 30 June 2011, 11:05 AM

by sean mcclelland

equals sign in email by dan attwood

We've noticed that when our mahar instal sends ...
1 30 June 2011, 10:09 AM

by dan attwood

Plugins for Mahara 1.4 by Gregor Anželj

Seems there are a lot of issues regarding my pl...
7 30 June 2011, 8:36 AM

by Dirk Meyer

Mahara 1.4 Cron job not working by Deleted user

4 29 June 2011, 3:42 PM

by Deleted user

Multiple File Uploading Unzippping Issues by Deleted user

We are currently experiencing issues with multi...
3 29 June 2011, 7:12 AM

by Deleted user

Uninstalling My Learning plug-in by Deleted user

I have followed the instructions for uninstalli...
3 28 June 2011, 11:54 AM

by Deleted user

Email Notification Question by Deleted user

3 28 June 2011, 11:37 AM

by Deleted user

Repeated logout by Deleted user

Hi all
2 27 June 2011, 11:25 AM

by Heinz Krettek

auto assign users to forums by dan attwood

We're using mahara with moodle and trying to us...
3 27 June 2011, 2:52 AM

by dan attwood

Shared View page error Mahara 1.4 by Deleted user

Hi All,
3 26 June 2011, 2:17 PM

by Deleted user

magic_quotes_gpc by Conrad Lienhardt

3 24 June 2011, 8:34 AM

by Conrad Lienhardt

Profile Export Zip by Deleted user

4 23 June 2011, 7:03 PM

by François Marier

Upgrade to 1.4 Problems by Deleted user

3 23 June 2011, 5:54 PM

by Deleted user

Should groups be exported? by Kristina Hoeppner

1 23 June 2011, 5:26 AM

by Kristina Hoeppner

"Copy this page" button on Group Homepage does not work by Ellen Marie Murphy

I am using Mahara 1.4.  I created a Group, and ...
11 22 June 2011, 10:27 AM

by Ellen Marie Murphy

Mahara 1.4 test site availability by Deleted user

11 20 June 2011, 2:53 PM

by Deleted user

redirect error logs from screen to error_log file by Deleted user

I've just completed installation and am getting...
3 20 June 2011, 7:11 AM

by Deleted user

Moodle www root resolution by Deleted user

Hi all,
4 19 June 2011, 11:47 PM

by Deleted user

1.4 troubles in Firefox 4.0 on Mac by Deleted user

I just upgraded our site to 1.4 - and it looks ...
5 19 June 2011, 10:03 PM

by François Marier