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Anything about Mahara software development or developing for Mahara.
Also, check out the developer area of the wiki. It has information about Mahara's internals and on how to write plugins.

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Closed Developer Documentation by Account deleted

If you're looking for documentation on how Maha...
1 12 August 2009, 0:11

by Account deleted

Data Integration by Account deleted

Hi to all,
1 21 November 2012, 1:25

by Account deleted

Loading Issue in 1.5 by Account deleted

When we have a large group logging in at the sa...
2 17 November 2012, 8:22

by Account deleted

q2a integration by Account deleted

Hi everyone, i want to integrate the log in sys...
1 16 November 2012, 15:30

by Account deleted

My Collections by Wullie

13 13 November 2012, 11:12

by Account deleted

Links & Resources Menu by Gordon McLeod

3 08 November 2012, 22:20

by Gordon McLeod

Creating a new user automatically by Account deleted

2 06 November 2012, 12:24

by Kristina Hoeppner

customize appearing plugin according to user's role by zaher ballar

Hi developers,
I want to know if it is possibl...
2 05 November 2012, 15:13

by Account deleted

Customize Notification Email for new users by Rocky YIP

8 05 November 2012, 9:24

by Kristina Hoeppner

Importing Leap2A in to existing user accounts by Account deleted

7 22 October 2012, 3:38

by Kristina Hoeppner

Using Mahara with iPad and iPhone by Account deleted

Hi All,
26 22 October 2012, 1:48

by Kristina Hoeppner

Creating a theme by Wullie

2 22 October 2012, 1:44

by Kristina Hoeppner

clean URL effect by Dirk Meyer

EDIT: I can answer my own question...thanks
1 19 October 2012, 13:59

by Dirk Meyer

21st Mahara Developer Meeting by Account deleted

The next Mahara Developer meeting is next week ...
3 17 October 2012, 16:38

by Account deleted plugin - inconsistent display of media by Don Presant

Has anyone else noticed this?
3 13 October 2012, 6:37

by Don Presant

Removing COPY OF when creating a copy of a page by Account deleted

I often create bare templates for my users to c...
2 02 October 2012, 23:22

by Kristina Hoeppner

Moodle Mahara Integration by Account deleted

Hi All,
1 24 September 2012, 15:42

by Account deleted

Hacking internal artefact by Account deleted

1 23 September 2012, 18:19

by Account deleted

Search function in Find Friends view and User search view by Shen Zhang

4 20 September 2012, 14:59

by Kristina Hoeppner

Increase Quota by Account deleted

How do I increase my quota from 5GB to somethin...
2 16 September 2012, 7:46

by Dominique-Alain JAN

Deactivate "Groups"? by Account deleted

I was wondering, if it is able to completely de...
2 13 September 2012, 3:42

by Kristina Hoeppner

SAML Authentication by Account deleted

Hi Is it possible to set the user language pref...
2 09 September 2012, 15:00

by Kristina Hoeppner

Delays in the release schedule by Account deleted

Hi all,
1 05 September 2012, 0:43

by Account deleted

Developer Meeting - 29th August 2012 at 20:00 UTC by Iñaki Arenaza

The next Mahara Developer meeting is next week ...
3 29 August 2012, 17:07

by Iñaki Arenaza

external thumbnail display by Peter Easton

HI All,
1 28 August 2012, 8:24

by Peter Easton

execute_sql on delete profile field by Account deleted

I have a database with xUser table syncing with...
1 23 August 2012, 13:16

by Account deleted