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16 September 2012, 6:11 AM

How do I increase my quota from 5GB to something higher?

16 September 2012, 7:46 AM

Hello Amy,

Is your question related to or to your own Mahara installation.

On your own mahara installation you can change this when logged as admin, on the user's information page. If you are not admin on the Mahara you are using you have to ask your admin to grant you with more disk space.

If it was about, this Mahara instance is not (any more) a place to develop and store portfolios. Now maitains pages only for the development of mahara by developers, communities, etc. As, is the place where the community members come, talk, exchange and find information but not a place to develop their own ePortoflio.

For this latest purpose I could advise you to find a Mahara provider such as, for example (other services can be found with a good search query on Google).

Hope this helps.


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