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Mahara and Moodle advocate / Mahara French translator.

I am Director of ICT and a teacher of Economics at the Gymnase de Nyon - a further education college of 1400 students between 16-20 years old - in Canton de Vaud (Switzerland). Since 2007, in addition to my day-to-day teaching at the Gymnase, I have been lecturing on new technology and e-Learning methodology at the State's Teacher Training School (HEP) in Lausanne.

In my school, I am particularly active in alternative learning strategies and I have introduced a course about "Learning to learn". This is a programme given by three colleagues and myself, that helps students with a range of learning difficulties to discover and learn strategies for improving their way of learning and helping them to understand new methods of knowledge acquisition. Furthermore I have developed and I am maintaining our eLearning services on a Moodle platform with more than 45 lessons given in blended learning conditions (part in class, part distance learning).

  • Town: Forel (Lavaux)
  • First name: Dominique-Alain
  • Last name: JAN
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Mobile phone: +41 79 240 70 10
  • Email address:

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Bonjour je ne sais plus à qui m'adresser. je tourne en rond pour l'install de Mahara. je viens de créer un nouveau serveur (sous Windows / Wampserver) tout se passe bien, j'ai suivi les consignes. Quand je lance Mhara en localhost, pour la premièrefois, il m'invite bien à installer la base de données. La liste des opération apparaît, mais reste bloquée sur la première ligne. (le sablier qui tourne) Si j'arrête tout (après plus d'une heure d'attente) je constate que des tables ont bien été créées dans la base. mais comme j'ai coupé, Mahara ne marche pas... que faire ? Merci Thierry
Hi,Dominique Haw are you?, I am Jhon Padilla of Peru. I would like change the economy of my country, and advance with my profession (Industrial Ingeniering), I need to will recomend some books or bibliography.
Bonjour cher homonyme, pour info, j'étais à Renneslundi lors de ta brillante contribution : merci beaucoup ! Puisque tu es là, j'en profite pour poser une petite question : y a-t-il moyen (même par le code) de désactiver la messagerie interne (de manière globale) ? En collège, ce n'est pas facile à "maitriser" les usages de communication de nos ados...
hii Dominique please can you tell me how can i delete some part in portfolio like my collection because i see it is same my views
Hi Dominique, and congratulations on your latest distance education qualifications!
We should all be students regularly, there is so much to learn and share. One of my students just sent me this link to share. Is it silly or does it demonstrate the wonder of social media?
So will you be coming to Australia Dominique-Alain? It would be great.
Difficult to manage everything with a hectic back to school, the final assignement for H800 course (Technology-enhanced learning: pratices and debates) and the start of H808. Without talking about the weekly Geneva->London commuting.
Started H808 - The elearning professional course by The Open University. I will use this Mahara web site as the respository for the requested learning evidences (blogs, works, files, podcasts) I will be requested to create.
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