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Difficult to manage everything with a hectic back to school, the final assignement for H800 course (Technology-enhanced learning: pratices and debates) and the start of H808. Without talking about the weekly Geneva->London commuting.
Started H808 - The elearning professional course by The Open University. I will use this Mahara web site as the respository for the requested learning evidences (blogs, works, files, podcasts) I will be requested to create.
Arrived 10 days ago. Jet-lag is over and try to cope with IT work conditions. But the people are nice and their project are engaging.
Have been invited by the Australian National University (ANU) as visiting fellow from May to September
Being student, again, change my view about teaching.
I have catch up the two syllabus I am following @ OpenUniversity. My first work is behind me and I am working to finish the second one.
On Monday I moved to London for a couple of months (years ?). I also started my syllabus on elearning at OpenUniversity.
I sent my form to the OpenUniversity. Hope they will accept my thesis proposition