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  • Town: Sydney
  • Country: Australia
  • Business phone: 1 300 956 763
  • Industry: eLearning

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Educator, Leader, Keynote Speaker, Influencer and Lifelong Learner.

I am a passionate advocate of quality education, ongoing innovation and open education, open standards, open source and open communities. With a strong and proven background in the delivery of education as a teacher as well as instructional design, IT Directorship, code development, project management and implementation. This background ensures I am well placed to provide advice and skills across the entire spectrum of eLearning development.

I am a professional public speaker, attending conferences globally to deliver Keynotes and workshops on new and emerging eLearning trends and technologies as well as the importance of engagement in the process.

I have worked in the education space for over a decade, specialising in delivery of education for both blended and pure online learning. There is no difference in the methodology of offline and online education. Just the tools change. I am a strong believer that we should always put pedagogy/adragogy first and then ensure we find the tools to best support it.

I work in an industry I love, where I get to educate, create and innovate. I am a strong believer in community and the importance of life long learning.
  • First name: Julian
  • Last name: Ridden
  • Official website address:
  • Town: Sydney
  • City/region: NSW
  • Country: Australia
  • Occupation: CanvasLMS & Mahara Advocate
  • Industry: eLearning

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12 June 2010, 5:59

Hi Julian, hope you settled in well at Moodle HQ - I don't dare to welcome you too much again - creating all this spam lat time ;-)- and Richard removing my long welcome post- which was not the cause of trouble :-)... all the best and thanx so much for your great work!

Mark Pearson
19 December 2008, 11:19

hey Julian, Would you create a Forum in the Moodle Mahara group so that I can post some comments? Ta.
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