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Query for block title

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21 August 2015, 9:30

Hello Mahara users,

For Mahara 15.10 we have bunch of nice new features in store for you thanks to funding from various organizations. It's going to a another great release of Mahara.

One feature I'd like to ask your opinion about since we still have time to change the language for a block.

In the next version of Mahara, you will see pages and collections in the "My pages" and "Latest pages" block as well as on the "Shared with me" screen. This is great news I find because now the focus will be on portfolios and reduce the list of pages dramatically for a lot of people who have large portfolios that consist of many pages each.

Please see the screenshot below for what it's going to look like:


Instead of showing all pages within a collection, we let users know how many pages are in a collection and then they can click on the title of the collection and be taken there.

What I'd like to know if we shall keep the block titles "My pages" and "Latest pages" or if that would be confusing as collections are now displayed as well. Saying "My pages and collections" or "Latest pages and collections" is a bit long for a title and we'd like to avoid that. "My portfolio" or "Latest portfolios" would be an option I think.

What do you think?

Thank you



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21 August 2015, 10:33

I agree with "My portfolio" but I have some doubts about "Latest portfolios" (in plural). As I understand it each user has only one portfolio which can contain several pages and collections.

Before each page/collection title I would also add icon-file/icon-folder-open respectively to additionally enhance visual distinction between pages and collections.

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21 August 2015, 15:07

Hello Gregor,

Thank you for your feedback. I always regard "portfolio" as a page or collection and not all pages / collections because you can share them with so many different people.

We thought about adding icons before the pages and collections, but that would add a lot of extra visual information. That's why we decided to go with the number of pages within a collection after the collection title instead. It shouldn't really matter whether someone looks at a page or collection as they are after the portfolio. Therefore, putting more emphasis on the distinction didn't seem to be right. We still make that big distinction in groups, but that might change at some point. :-)




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21 August 2015, 19:29

Kristina hi.

I see now what you mean by portfolio. In that case I would go with "My portfolios" and "Latest portfolios" to avoid singular vs. plural confusion.

Maybe a short description about portfolios as pages or collections for diferent audiences can be added at the beginning.


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21 August 2015, 18:28

Hi Gregor & Kristina,

I know what you mean Gregor about 'Latest Portfolios' - mini portfolios in one big eportfolio, with sub portfolios and one-page portfolios... it could get confusing.

To me 'My Portfolio' seems to be a good idea - that would be my vote.

Sam :)

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21 August 2015, 21:00

Considering what everyone is saying makes perfect sense, maybe they need to have slightly more different times. 

May I suggest:

Replace: My Pages
with: My Portfolio

Replace: Latest pages
with: Latest changes or Recent changes (?)

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01 September 2015, 13:33

Hi there

I agree with My Pages being replaced with My Portfolio (s)

"Latest pages" are a bit confusing for our students. 

I like the idea of Latest changes 



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02 September 2015, 8:58

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your suggestions.

So "My pages" -> "My portfolios" and "Latest pages" to "Latest changes by you and others" / "Latest changes that you can view"?I think the inclusion of changes by whom / that you can view might help people who can't wrap their head around why they have other people's pages in that list and wonder if other people would see their portfolios automatically. What do you think?

At some point I'd like to see one's own pages removed from the "Latest pages" block as I find that this only clutters things. You can look at your own pages and sort them. I always thought the latest pages block was for other people's changes so I can find those easily. But that is more than just a language string change...




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07 September 2015, 19:04

I think "Latest changes by ..." or "Latest changes that you can see" is perhaps a little bit too long.

But I can't really offer up anything better. :)

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08 September 2015, 13:45

At our University, students get confused when they see their own page/s listed in the LATEST PAGES (current name) module as they think that their page can be seen by other users in the system.  This creates unnecessary worries for students.

Has anyone else noticed this when you are working with students?

We think students own pages should only show in the MY PAGES (current name) module and not under the LATEST PAGES module as well.


Has anyone got any comments about this at all?







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