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Embedded PDFs don't display when Page exported

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27 November 2014, 1:50

Me again.

Says it all in the title really. When exporting the zip file of a Page or Collection, any PDF files that are embedded don't show.

Is this standard?



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30 November 2014, 18:00

Hello Dan,

I assume that you meant the HTML export?

This seems to be a problem with the display once the page is viewed in the offline HTML portfolio. I filed for it.




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30 November 2014, 23:02

Hi Kristina

Yes, meant HTML export.

Thanks for registering the ticket :)



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20 January 2015, 1:47

It's affecting us too at Solent - I've ticked the box on the launchpad to say so :)

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20 January 2015, 11:54

(Cross-posting from Launchpad )

I can see what the problem is. We display PDF's inline using the PDF.js library ( ). When we export to HTML, we don't include that library as part of the export.

So what we'd need to do, to fix this, is include a copy of PDF.js with the HTML export, and wire up the HTML to use it properly.

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