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Improvements for Groups - from. v. 1.6.3

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17 July 2013, 5:24

I like the idea of Mahara groups, but I find them a bit clunky for a couple reasons:

1. Lack of central navigation once in a collection or page. One must click back to the central groups page, and find the group again. I’d like to easily return directly to the group homepage from a group page or collection or from pages and collections submitted to the group. Perhaps a “Back to Group Home” button?

2. Lack of organization for submissions: Wish there was some way of rearranging submissions and putting them into folders. I often get group administrators who come in with a huge list of submissions and are completely lost in the clutter. It would be nice if they could see which pages they have viewed already, and which need more time to review.  Maybe a way to make notes to themselves that would appear next to the submission on the administrator group home page.

3. Lack of access to personal mahara files from the group files page. I’d like to easily transfer a file from my mahara files, rather than have to upload it again to the group.

4. Lack of community: As an administrator, I’d like to be able to contact everyone in the group via email. And for members to be notified when forums are updated.

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17 July 2013, 5:33

Sorry, I posted this and THEN read the part about not posting requests here... I'll go to the bugs section.


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17 July 2013, 14:31

Thanks, Marylena! It can be useful to post on the forum here if you're trying to get community feedback on feature requests, but yeah, otherwise we prefer them posted as Wishlist bugs.

And the more specific the wishlist item, the more likely it is to get implemented. Smile

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19 July 2013, 2:29

Hello Marylena,

Thank you for your suggestions for improving groups. Thank for creating for your improvement suggestions. They are great and 1 and 2 have been bugging me as well.

As for your item 4, members are notified about forum discussions and posts when they are subscribed to the forum. You can force that upon forum setup and then users can unsubscribe if needed.

I made some comments on the individual items on the wishlist tracker.

item 2 (submission organization):
item 3 (copying personal files):
item 4 (notifications):




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