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Aaron Wells
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Aaron Wells - Admin

I'm a former member of the Mahara team at Catalyst IT, in Wellington, New Zea...
Joined: 13 November 2013
Heinz Krettek
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Heinz Krettek - Admin

I translated the german stuff of Mahara
Joined: 23 January 2009
Julian Ridden
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Julian Ridden - Admin

I am a passionate advocate of quality education, ongoing innovation and open ...
Joined: 2 August 2009
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Nigel - Admin

I used to be the lead developer of Mahara, from the beginning in 2006 through...
Joined: 23 January 2009
A Dimsh
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A Dimsh - Member

Joined: 3 March 2009
Aaricia Thorgalson (aka Mari Cruz García)
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Aaricia Thorgalson (aka Mari Cruz García) - Member

I am a find blend of revolutionary parasite, spiritual seeker, new born Buddh...
Joined: 29 October 2010
aAron Pont
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aAron Pont - Member

Joined: 27 May 2009
Aaron Metz
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Aaron Metz - Member

Learning and Teaching Technologies Convenor, Canadian International School of...
Joined: 12 May 2011
Aaron Stanleya
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Aaron Stanleya - Member

Joined: 3 July 2012
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Abdullah - Member

I am a Website Developer and having an Experience of more then 3 years in PHP...
Joined: 30 May 2011
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