Feature Requests of the BScE

Here I post all our feature requests when I have files to upload.

Preliminary remarks for the feature requests

  • The screenshots do not always include all elements of a page on Mahara. In general, elements that appear on all pages are left out in order to focus the attention on the features and the differences.
  • Furthermore, references are made to already existing features to keep descriptions short and again, to focus on what's new.
  • The mockup screenshots are walked through from top to bottom when there are many elements.
  • If additional screenshots and / or explanations are necessary for a better understanding, please let me know.
  • In order to avoid too many conditionals and "it would be nice", I tend to use simple present as if the feature already existed. It will be up to us to negotiate what can be done and what cannot be done at the moment.

My Glossaries and My Bibliographies

View sorting

My Pages Wizard

Tag search -> done (excl. group tags)

Feedback -> done

The feature request for a revision of the feedback was immediately done in a forum thread.


Sam Taylor
18 August 2009, 4:06 AM
They look awesome! Really like the option of grouping views. Our University is very keen on SWOT Analysis and Action Planning - templates for them would be very useful :o)
Deleted user
29 April 2010, 11:51 AM

I'm still at a loss as to how to enable our Mahara so that users may search the site to locate files uploaded by other users.  We are trying to use Mahara as a social network site that would allow users to upload files to various groups, forums, views, but make them available to all users through a search engine.  Do you have a recommended approach, suggestion?

Kristina Hoeppner
02 May 2010, 2:17 PM

Hi Todd,

You may want to ask your question in one of the community forums. As far as I know, you cannot search Mahara for files of other users or other users' content. You can search your own portfolio and you can search for users. If you have access to their views, you can see their files. But maybe I missed something and somebody else would have a solution.