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17 September 2009, 5:32 PM

Hi Kristina, thanks for the comments.

  • Yes, we will make the heading clickable.
  • Evonne (the designer at Catalyst who created the Default theme) is still updating the theme for 1.2, but I think she decided to change the row colours for all the tables in Mahara. I'll let her know they're hard to distinguish on a laptop. With the new theming system in 1.2 it will be very easy for site administrators to create a new theme that only changes the row colours.
  • The site options screen now has checkboxes to enable/disable the tag cloud and portfolio search blocks for the entire site. There is also a setting in site options for the default number of tags to display in the cloud. This is initially set to 20, but I have no strong opinion on this so let me know if you think that is too few or too many.  Users can override this default in their preferences.
  • I think the buttons will be either all green or all grey, but Evonne still hasn't finished working on the theme.
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18 September 2009, 1:13 PM

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your answers to my comments. All sounds great. Smile

  • Being able to change colors of a theme easily will be nice.
  • After I had sent my comments I saw that you can change the number of tags displayed in a tag cloud per person. That is cool. Having the default at 20 sounds good to me. As everybody can increase it at any point this should work fine.
  • Having all buttons in one color will be more consistent. The buttons in the blog for Settings, Delete and Add are too too small to really see the subtleties. Having clear buttons like the other oneswould be better IMHO. I love though (staying with the blogs) that the portfolio owner already has a blog from the start and can decide to have more.

Have a nice weekend


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12 October 2009, 7:29 AM


As Penny has made much more far-reaching suggestions to the "My views", I think anybody who may wanted to comment here, should head over to


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