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Anonymisation in Journals question

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26 February 2020, 23:22


I'm working at a Uni that uses Mahara 19.10 within Moodle 3.5.5.

I have a couple of questions regarding anonymising Journals

There is functionality within the adv page settings that allows users to 'Anonymise' and this hides the name as it appears at page level, but this doesn't appear to cascade to the journal where the name of the person who posted the journal is visible.

I am new to this, but I am unsure how necessary anonymisation is in this case, I am surmising that Journals are not anonymised because this is their personal reflections on their own work and learning etc and therefore to anonymise is not useful for what Journals are meant to be.

If this is not the case:

  • Is there/can there be an anonymisation setting for Journals?
  • Can page settings, e.g. anonymisation, be made to override/overwrite tool settings, e.g. username in Journal?

I would really appreciate clarification on this from anyone with the appropriate knowledge.





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