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22 March 2015, 22:36

I am not sure where the development of Tags is headed as this is a very dated thread. I think this is a very under utilized feature as it lacks usability.

The Tag cloud is great! As far as I can see it is only available in the side bar of my personal content and portfolio pages view. Simply by making this block embeddable for users would making tags more accessible and sharing them a possibility.

One other feature I would like to see on Tags. When I tag an image or document the search should show the pages that that item is embedded on. Instead of having to re-enter all the tags from all the items on a page into the tags of that page. 

I would love to hear what is in the works for Tag features!

Thanks, Simha 

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23 March 2015, 15:00

Hello Simha,

The tags definitely need work. The plan for Mahara 15.10 (unfortunately, we didn't get it in for 15.04) is to use auto-fill of tags like we have now for the sending of notifications: You start typing a word and the options start coming.

Embedding a tag cloud was not done initially as the question is which tags to display: Only the ones that you as viewer have access to in terms of content or all? According to our permissions framework, we'd go with the former which may be a bit tricky and everybody would see a different tag cloud.

If you use the Elasticsearch, you already see on which pages an artefact is used that has a specific tag. :-)

It would also be great to be able to display tags in groups...




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