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Call for comments: Page header and commenting / details revision

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23 December 2018, 4:26 PM

Hello everyone,

We've had the current look of the Mahara pages for quite a while. It's served us well and allows for flexibility in creating content as well as adding different content items to a page without needing to know HTML tags. However, It's "blockiness" has been remarked on, and we want to look into how we can address this.

Mahara content is put onto pages via blocks. In general, that is not questioned. Some people would like to have it changed of how the content is added to the page, e.g. via one block only and then select the content item rather than making a selection first. That is a topic for another day...

A number of website builders that use drag-and-drop do use blocks as that differentiates content nicely, and it is easy to drag it around.

So for this idea here we are looking at the look and feel of a page when it is displayed. We are looking at how the header, containing the page title and collection navigation in particular, can be changed to allow for better display, and how all artefact details elements can be accessed without making them overwhelm a page. For example, when you add lots of pages to your page and allow commenting, then you see an equal amount of "Add comment", "Comments", and "Details" link that may destroy a cohesive display of the images if intended for a showcase portfolio where comments may be secondary.

Therefore, we are proposing a few ideas of how secondary page options could be accessed if needed by an assessor or peer reviewer without impacting the flow of the content on the page otherwise.

Please take a look at the various options on the wiki. They are still in mix-and-match mode. Thus, if an element from option 4 appeals but the rest of option 1 is better, then they could be combined.

What do you think? What appeals to you? Do you have another idea?

We look forward to your responses.




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