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Call for comments: Expanding SmartEvidence to support rubrics / multiple levels

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23 December 2018, 3:25 PM

Kia ora koutou,

Mark Glynn from Dublin City University asked a few weeks ago whether Mahara could support a rubric or in general a multi-leveled competency framework where the overall criteria stay the same but the descriptors change with each higher level.

We looked into this and came up with an idea. It was important to keep the matrix overview page as visualization. We knew that it was going to be more complicated than just with one level, but stirred clear of using different colors to differentiate the different levels as those may not often be spotted easily and it can be quite hard to come up with a series of colors that go together and also pass accessibility. Additionally, we'd still have the completion statuses.

Instead, we thought to use different icons and retain the 4 colors to indicate the status of completion.

What do you think of this early draft? We'd like to hear your opinion on this idea.




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