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Fine tuning permissions within group pages

kalli benetos's profile picture
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17 January 2018, 0:02

Dear all,

I hope this is the right place for this request...

Groups are great for controlling access to a page and a collection of pages, but the configuration of access and editing permissions need to be decoupled from all content accessible to a group. For instance, I have a group where administrators, tutors and members have access, but only admin and tutors can edit the group pages. But it would be great to give edit access to all members for only specific pages or collections within a group so that some pages within a certain working group are tutor-lead reference pages and others are co-constructed by all members of the group.

Is there any interest out there for this configuration option ? Any possibility of this happening any time soon?

all the best

:) kalli

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17 January 2018, 8:01

Hello Kalli,

It is  possible to do what you'd like to achieve as far as I can tell. :-)

If you want to restrict the creation of content and pages to just certain groups of group members, you can do so in the group settings in the "Create and edit" setting.

If this setting is too far-reaching, you can restrict the editing of individual group portfolios to just admins by locking the page.




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