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11 May 2016, 2:12

If it is doable I have not found how to (Well I kinda did, see at the end).

It would be nice to allow sharing of pages to a group's collection. Scenario:

We are going to create a group for the whole class so let's say Art2016.
These group will be created at the begining of each year for each course we offer. They will be create be the course's coordinator. In this group all student in to class for Art 2016 will be added. 
So we tought for example to create a group collection for Art tips where each student could share their pages on Art tips to the group's collection.

I have not found a way to directly share to a groups's collection, the only way I found is a multiple step to copy the page to the group's collection.

I think the ability to share directly to a group's collection would be a very nice feature to add.

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11 May 2016, 15:13

Hello Eric,

Mahara cannot (yet) do what you'd like to achieve. Currently, the owner of a page must match the owner of a collection and then there are access rules in place as well. Somebody else can't update your portfolio which is essentially what you are asking for.

There are a couple of ways though that you could look into and see if they would be viable without making any changes to Mahara.

Your students can share their individual pages with the group. They are then displayed on the group homepage and easily accessible to others. The students would retain ownership of their page and have full control over its content. The disadvantage would be that you wouldn't have a navigation across all pages, but always go back to the group homepage to select another page.

A second option would be for the students to set up their pages in the group itself and then add them to the collection. They could change each other's content though.

If neither of these options work, your Mahara site would need to be customized to allow for that scenario. You can also put your feature suggestion on our wishlist and see if others are interested in that feature as well.




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