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Replace Flash-based media player?

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02 September 2015, 20:52

Hi everyone

I hope this issue is right in the developer forum

I wanted to ask whether there are plans to replace the flash-based media player (needed to play videos) in Mahara by a HTML5-version. I think there are several important arguments to get rid of any flash-based plugins in Mahara (and also on any other website/service….)

  • The number of browsers playing flash content is declining
  • iOS and other mobile OS do not play Flash content at all
  • the flash player needed on the computer to play videos in Mahara is a huge security risk to any device (I have stopped counting the number of dangerous vulnerabilities in Flash...)



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03 September 2015, 8:00

Hello Samuel,

Changing the media player to an HTML5-based one is on our roadmap. We haven't been able to get to it for 15.10 though, but hope to tackle it for 16.04.

If you have a developer or a team that would like to get involved in this, please let me know.




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07 September 2015, 19:01

Hi Samuel,

To expand on what Kristina said, here's the wishlist bug for that: . It was earmarked for Mahara 15.10.0, but we've passed the Mahara 15.10 feature freeze, so it's going to have to get pushed out at least to 16.04.

So, it is on our roadmap, but it keeps getting pushed onto the backburner, and we haven't had any specific client funding for it to bump its priority.



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04 April 2016, 13:31

Hello everyone,

The HTML5 player will be in the Mahara 16.04 release. If you want to give it a go on your various devices, please do so! You can use for this testing. All video formats that Video.js understands are made available for embedding.

Please note that not every browser supports every media format. Refer to the user manual for a list of supported formats and their browsers. iOS also doesn't allow you to upload audio, but only video (.mov). Mov files need the Quicktime browser plugin and is not served via Video.js. Since we are trying to test HTML5, I didn't enable that format, but can if that is wanted.




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