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improve the language menu display

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07 July 2015, 3:09

dropdown take up much space on the home page because of the default value text (very long: "Site default (Français) " in french Réglage par défaut (Français) ) .

it would be nice to add a new configuration for removing language default text.
this config is false by default so it'll not impact the normal application behavior.

In config.php we add :

 * Disable default language.
$cfg->disabledefaultlanguage = true;

and in lib/web.php we add the condition:


if(!get_config('disabledefaultlanguage')) {
            $languages = array_merge(array('default' => get_string('sitedefault', 'admin') . ' (' .
            get_string_from_language(get_config('lang'), 'thislanguage') . ')'), $languages);

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10 July 2015, 9:02

Hello Issam,

Thank you for your suggestion. For the code-challenged amongst us and those that don't have a test server available immediately to see what this will look like, do you happen to have a screenshot? ;-)

Thank you



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