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Can not import post.html in a page

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19 December 2014, 20:40


I'm in Moodle 2.8 and Mahara 1.9.2. When I export a discussion or post Moodle forum it appears in the incoming directory Mahara as: post.html but when I want to import into a page by selecting "Files, Pictures and Video" and "html code" incoming directory is empty!
PDF file type to import or other works perfectly.

Thank you in advance for your answers. See previous message in French


19 December 2014, 23:16

Hi Lionel,

I have replied to your message on the original (French) forum.



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29 December 2014, 21:49

Hello Lionel,

Please update to the latest minor version of Mahara 1.9 (or upgrade to 1.10). We fixed this issue recently.




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