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plugin for inviting facebook friends

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08 October 2014, 8:42 PM

Hi I'm new to mahara.

I want to create plugin for inviting friends from facebook,twitter with REST api.

Can any one give example plugins?

OR tutorials?


Thank you..

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09 October 2014, 11:13 AM

Most of Mahara's code base is "plugins" that are included as part of a standard installation. I'd recommend taking a look at one of the simpler one of those as a starting point. The types "auth", "artefact", and "blocktype" are the three most common ones, just look under the corresponding directories in your Mahara install to see all the ones that ship with Mahara. Which type you want to use will depend on how you want to implement this. In Mahara 1.10 we also include a generic "module" plugin type, for functionality that doesn't match any of the other existing types.

The Mahara developer documentation is on our wiki here:

But it's rather incomplete, so you're often better off just looking at the code directly.



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02 November 2014, 5:37 PM

Hello Vignesh,

There is the Janrain plugin, which allows you to log in via a bunch of different social media logins. That would only be useful though if you want anyone with a Facebook account to have an account on your Mahara site. :-) It doesn't solve your invitation requirement, but maybe the login one depending on how widely you want to make your Mahara instance available.




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