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first login after installing mahara

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04 July 2014, 22:51


I have installed Mahara on localhost by using mamp to try it . But after the install, impossible to login . I've tried : "admin" with password "mahara" , ( I've read it on a forum) nothing to do

What login and password should I use at the first time ?



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06 July 2014, 15:20

Hello Eric,

When I install a new Mahara site, I am asked to give myself a password on the homepage right after the installation screen.

Since you haven't done anything yet, you could try to delete the database and create a new empty one. If you do that, you will see the Mahara installation screen again and should then be asked to set a password and also an email address for the admin account.



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07 July 2014, 11:55

Hi Eric,

As Kristina said, after you run the installer you should be logged in as the "admin" user, and it should prompt you to enter a password for the admin user.

If for some reason you don't change the admin user's password at this time (like if you log out, or you close the browser window and open a different one) then the admin user's password should indeed be "mahara".

So if it's not, then something is strange. It is possible to change a user's password using a special PHP script, but since it's a new installation with no data in it, the best thing to do is just to re-install: drop the database, re-create it, and run the installer again.



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