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Increase Site File Upload Quota

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26 June 2014, 21:05

Is there a way of increasing the file size quote when uploading files to the site files area of mahara? If so, how?


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27 June 2014, 16:25

If you're an admin, you can change an individual user's file quota by going to their account settings page.

You can also change the default quota size for new users, by going to the page "Administration -> Extensions -> artefact:file:file".

And lastly, if institution quota settings are enabled, you can go to the institution settings page and change the default quota size for new users in that institution.



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29 June 2014, 17:17

Hello Laura,

Do you mean the "Maximum upload size" next to the "Upload" button (e.g. number 4 in the screenshot at )?

If so, then this setting is the same for everyone. If you increase it in php.ini on your server, it will be increased for both admins and also regular users. In php.ini, you would need to change upload_max_filesize. That is the value that is displayed in Mahara. You will also need to change post_max_size. That should be larger than upload_max_filesize.




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