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Export Problem

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17 February 2014, 23:14



I was able to set up the two site, but when I have tried exporting an activity, and error occurred. 

Failed to start communication with remote server remote server error: code: , message: Invalid importdata: Missing leap xml fileERROR 4:
4: remote server error: code: , message: Invalid importdata: Missing leap xml file


Can anyone help me on this? 

Thank you..


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19 February 2014, 7:10

Hello Janice,

I assume you mean you connected Moodle with Mahara? What did you try to export? The error message indicates that the Leap2A file, i.e. the file that needs to be exported could not be found. Do you see the option to export your content as HTML or as file? If so, can you please try that and see if that works?




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20 February 2014, 11:56


You have not mentioned software versions and is the tx problem both ways or only one way.

Both Moodle and Mahara use JSON to transfere file if this is missing that would explain the problem.

How to check, assuming you are using a Linux variant, Debian, Ubunto... , open a CLI and as if possible become root, if that is not available then sudo this command,

sudo jason -v   it should come back with a version infomation, if not then JASON is not installed.

To install JASON you must have root access, for DEBIAN or Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install jason

Restart the webserver and see if it works.

If you are on a Window$ server then Google is your friend.


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21 February 2014, 13:18

Thanks for the suggestion John, but you shouldn't have to install any "jason" package for Mahara to work in Debian or Ubuntu. Mahara does use the PHP JSON library, but this is a core part of the standard PHP distribution. Smile



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21 February 2014, 16:31

Hello there,

I am using moodle 2.6.1 and mahara 1.8.1. I was trying to export a Forum post posted by a valid user to his mahara portfolio. 


Thank you.

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