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Unable to edit registration options, massive spam problem.

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10 January 2014, 6:07


We have been having an issue with registration email spam over the last few days. Our Moodle site is hosted by Moodlerooms in the US and they offered a Mahara installation which we accepted to go with our system.

There is an issue though in that we cannot access the institution that is referenced in the spam emails in order to deactivate the registration process.

Our new students are created on moodle, and a Mahara account is autocreated for them in the correct institution. We can access this insitution via a link on our Moodle frontpage when we have logged in and it is set up correctly.

There is a link on the login page for moodle though that links to a different institution, the one referenced in the spam mails. Our moodle login details do not work when trying to access this institution, and trying the Lost ~Password function gives an error message saying: The user you requested uses an external authentication method. <a href="link goes here">Ask your administrator</a> for help with changing your password. Or provide another username or email address.

As we can't access this institution, we can't turn off the self registration process, and we are getting about 150 mails each night and many more throughout the day. Is it possible to request login information for an institution?

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10 January 2014, 10:27

Hi Karol,

If you have access to a site admin account on your Mahara site, then you should be able to log in as that user and edit the institution. A site admin can edit any institution.

If you do not have a site admin account on your Mahara site, ask Moodlerooms to set one up for you, because presumably they have a site admin account (someone has to have one, because one gets created automatically on installation).

Or, you could ask them to update the database to reset the site admin account's password, or "promote" a different existing user to site admin, as described in this forum thread:



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20 January 2014, 15:17

Hello Karol,

Once you are site admin for your site or at least institution admin, turning off self-registration is quite easy. For your institution do that in the one with your institution's name. If you are site admin, and as far as I know I thought Moodlerooms gives every institution their own Mahara site and does not set up one shared Mahara, you also need to turn of registration for "No institution", the default institution on Mahara.

Good luck with getting more admin access on your Mahara site.




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