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16 July 2013, 9:33

Hi there,

I have recently installed Mahara and we are having a few problems with passwords not 'sticking'. Several of our users have had to reset their passwords and now they have to do this every time they need to log in. Is there anyway to make the password stick? They have put in a new password and confirmed it each time, but next time they try to log in it won't work.

Thanks - Barbara

16 July 2013, 19:05

Hello Barbara

It has happened once to me. I don't remember what was the problem but I guess it was linked with a problem with some cron procedures they were not working.

Please check on the admin page that your corn is working properly.

Looking forward to reading from you about this


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23 July 2013, 13:56

Thanks for your advice. We seem to have fixed the problem and yes, it was cron related. It seems we now have a great deal more functionality. :)


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17 July 2013, 14:24

I haven't encountered this particular problem before. There's a column in the usr table, "usr.passwordchange", which determines if the user is prompted to change their password when they log in. If it's a 1, the user is asked to reset their password; if it's a 0, they are not. When the user resets their password, this is meant to be updated back to 0.

Is it possible that someone at your institution is regularly doing bulk user uploads (of existing users) by CSV? That might do it. I could also suggest the following troubleshooting steps to get more information:

1. Like Dajan said, make sure your cron is running regularly.

2. Check your PHP error logs for any error messages, especially when users log in and reset their passwords.

3. Ask a user whose is prompted to change their password "at every login" to log out and log back in again twice in a row. Do they get prompted to change their password both times? This would help indicate whether the passwordchange flag is permanently stuck on 1, or whether it's just being reset frequently.

Cheers and good luck,


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23 July 2013, 13:57

Thanks for your help. Yes it was cron.



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23 July 2013, 18:19

Hello there,

can i know where to set up the cron?


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