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update date in blog

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31 May 2013, 2:49

The update date doesn't seem to be updated when we change the blog in mahara 1.6.

I need this feature any ideas to do a quick patch are welcome


04 June 2013, 1:39

Hello Hélène,

Comment ça au Québec ?

To try to help you, I would like to know if you still have that issue and and if you tell a bit more of what happens and how ?

See you at Mahoodlemoot FR in Bordeaux in two days ?



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09 June 2013, 16:28

Hello Hélène,

As far as I know you cannot update the date on a journal entry. It always displays the date when the entry was created.




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10 June 2013, 17:05

It could make sense to file a wishlist bug to make blog entry dates editable. Other blogging platforms let you do that.

We'd have to consider some ramifications relating to it, like does the date need to be fixed in place for grading purposes in an academic context? And would there be problems with the fact that changing the date will change the order of blog entries?

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09 January 2015, 0:33

Did anything happen with this?

I think it is essential that the date a user updates their journal is noted and maybe a date started is kept? I understanding having all the dates may be too complex.

Otherwise students may well note this and create an entry at an appropriate date for their assignment say but then make all the amendments to on-going reflections say at one date point. Not hugely reflective of the process that should be occurring for effective reflection

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09 January 2015, 11:43

Hello Lyndsey,

We have not yet tackled this feature. It had already been reported as a wishlist item at

If you want to speed up the development for it, providing funding to do the work would help. :-) Please let me know if you are interested in that.




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