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23 May 2013, 10:32 PM

I'm very new to Mahara and have just installed this by following the installation guide, when I browse to my installation ( I am presented with an admin page, it then doesn't matter what I click on I can't seem to get past this page, the links all look okay but whichever link I click the admin page just refreshes.  I've checked the config table for the version and lib/version.php and they are both the same.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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24 May 2013, 11:34 AM

How strange! I haven't seen this particular problem before, so I can't say exactly what's wrong. It may be that the installation didn't run all the way through for some reason. If it's a brand new installation, I would recommend just deleting the PHP code and the database, and then re-installing it.

If you still have problems after that, try adding this to your config.php file, which will cause Mahara to be more verbose with error & warning messages, and may provide some useful info about what's gone wrong.

$cfg->log_dbg_targets     = LOG_TARGET_SCREEN | LOG_TARGET_ERRORLOG;
$cfg->log_info_targets    = LOG_TARGET_SCREEN | LOG_TARGET_ERRORLOG;
$cfg->log_warn_targets    = LOG_TARGET_SCREEN | LOG_TARGET_ERRORLOG;
$cfg->log_environ_targets = LOG_TARGET_SCREEN | LOG_TARGET_ERRORLOG;


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24 May 2013, 7:42 PM

Thanks for your message Aaron

I deleted the whole installation and then re-installed it after adding the code below to the config.php file.  The message produced was [INF] bd (admin/upgrade.php:54) Starting Mahara installation...  the mahara/admin/upgrade.php ran for a good while and the page then displayed

Performing installation...

You must enable JavaScript to perform an install or upgrade.
Component or pluginFrom versionTo versionInformation
core Not installed  1.6.5 :( Failed to upgrade

I've checked my browser settings and JavaScript is enabled so not really sure why I'm getting this message. 

Again any help would be great, thanks.


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27 May 2013, 1:57 PM

Hm, unfortunately that's not a very helpful error message.

Can you please provide the following info:

1. Database type (postgres or mysql) and version?

2. OS and web server you're running Mahara on?

3. And I can already see you're installing Mahara 1.6.5

4. Connect to your database and see if any of the tables got created

5. Check your PHP error logs to see if there are any messages there. The exact location of the PHP error logs depends on your system configuration. For example, in Ubuntu they'll be redirected into the Apache error logs, which by default are located under /var/log/apache2/error.log

Why do you mention the JavaScript? Was there another error message saying JavaScript wasn't on?


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09 June 2013, 5:51 PM

Hi Karen,

If you are starting out fresh with Mahara, I'd recommend installing Mahara 1.7 as that is the latest release of Mahara and gives you a few more features over 1.6. ;-)




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