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Job Market Extension

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03 April 2009, 2:56 AM

I would like to invite you to fund the following feature together in order to get this point done quickly:



Employers should be able to post job offers. Each offer has to be mapped to one or more job categories and one or more job-terms). Job categories and job terms should be maintainable by the site admin. Posting job offers should only be able for users in the institution "Companies" and "Headhunter". Members (in the other institutions) can't post jobs. Job postings consist of the following fields: Job name, one or more job categories, one or more job-terms, company name, location, type (full-time, part-time, etc.), date of entry, description (TinyMCE), salary, social benefits, contact information, date of publication, number of views. Maybe some information should be saved in the user's profile (company name, phone, email, ...). Employers have to declare on their profile, that they are no "private persons".


Institution members should be able to define job preferences by choosing one or more job categories and one or more job-terms within these categories (for example: "Wellness" and "Shiatsu Trainer"). Additionally users should have the possiblity to define geographic areas of interest. If users like, they should be able to sign-in with job-alert-mails for jobs of their defined interest. Jobs should be searchable by the users with a web interface, so users should have the possiblity to search e.g. after jobs in a certain area or in a certain company or with a full-text-search-function. Members should be able to applicate via e-mail. At least one portfolio view has to be build by the user in order to be allowed to apply. To each application a link to the view of the user has to be attached automatically. Users should be able to use a "tell a friend"-function to recommend a job. Attachments (certificates, etc.) can be attached to an application, if they are saved within MAHARA (views, files).


Community Members should be able to set a job status: Are you looking for a job? [x] yes [ ] no; + multiline textarea "How your next dream job should look like?". Members should be searchable after the job status (see "Extended User Search").


The Admin should be able to approve new job postings. Afterwards the admin should see a list of orders with the possiblity to filter items (new, ...) and to set a payment status (open, billed, cleared) to clear it.

Collaboration Bid:

I can imagine, that this coding will take some efforts for CATALYST IT Ltd. But with a collective funding affordable for a group of individuals anyway. If you like to discuss this feature please feel free to contact me.

Hard Coded Option:

By the way: If you are a software engineer and you are interested to implement this feature external (e.g. Typo3 extension + integration in MAHARA) for my application singular on your own, please get in contact with me to see if you can make me a special quotation. Please consider that this codes have to be draged along all future releases of the core MAHARA code (follow-up-orders possible!).

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03 April 2009, 12:39 PM

Hello Dietmar,

You and I seem to be on the same page. I would like offer employers the ability to post jobs and co-op/internship positions, as well as conduct advance searches to find the resumes of potentially suitable candidates.

Please check out our Mahara implementation at


Kathleen Webb, Project Director, C3 Network 

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07 April 2009, 2:01 AM

Hi Kathleen! At the moment the guy's from CATALYST IT Ltd. are requested to make a concrete offer for implementing the job market extension as described. I would like to send you the offer and feature description afterwards via eMail to discuss if the features are useful for your purpose as well. It would be wise to divide up costs. Could you please name your email-address? Thanks a lot.
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07 April 2009, 7:52 AM

Hi Dietmar,

I have sent you my email address and the email address of the computer program I am working with via

If there are other Mahara users following this thread, I encourage them to jump into the conversation.

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01 September 2009, 8:43 PM

Hi, I would like to know about the status of this project.
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02 September 2009, 1:19 AM

It looks like the guy who requested this is no longer a user here. He had made several requests for projects in a short amount of time, but probably never followed up on actually funding any of them.  So, I doubt anyone has even started any of his requests, including this one.

Check out this message thread:

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02 September 2009, 8:10 AM


I also think that Dietmar has no  actual interests in the projects he posted.


PS: Stephen, cool job with all the modificatins you posted here in the forums Cool

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