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02 April 2009, 20:45

Roadmap item:

Status: Still gathering feedback. There has been no funding offered to implement this item so far.

If there's anything that strikes you as important on the wiki page, or there is something you think is missing, please feel free to mention that here.

And if you can contribute funding towards doing some or all of this work, please let us know!

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12 September 2011, 8:41

Hi people,

I realized that on this older roadmap article there is a feature mentioned which is not implemented yet: Group blogs. Is this still planned to be included in a future release?

Best regards,
Uwe Böttcher

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13 September 2011, 4:46

Hello Uwe,

I'm not aware that anybody is working on that. It would certainly be a great feature. If you know somebody who'd be willing to fund it, the time until "future release" can be shortened significantly. Wink



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