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Image files disappearing from page

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13 December 2011, 2:26


Am new to Mahara so hoping someone can help me with this Smile

I've created a page that all students need to be able to copy and then edit to add their own information. On that page are a series of images and they keep disappearing. The page seems to work okay for a couple of days and then I get a report that the images have disappeared from it. I've tried putting the images in the public folder and in a new folder of their own in Site files but neither seems to resolve the problem. The files are there and when I go to edit they show up as being there so I don't understand what's going wrong.

Any ideas as to what I might have done wrong or what's happening with the files?

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14 December 2011, 21:14

Hello Lisa,

I have not come across that problem. Not really knowing how you put the images in, where you created the pages and so on, it's a bit difficult to find the potential source of the problem.

If you want, send me a message here on with your email address and you could temporarily give me access to your instance so that I could check.



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25 February 2012, 18:30



Did you ever figure out what is going on with the disappearing images?

I ask because I am trying to sort out whether relative paths works in Mahara. I have an HTML file, created with Dreamweaver, and in the same folder as the HTML file, I have a directory titled "Images" where I store a bunch of PNG files.

I uploaded the HTML file into my instance, created a folder where the HTML file is stored and named it "Images". Within that folder, I uploaded my images.

Going back to view the result, the relative paths didn't work, so I inserted a PNG file from that Images folder, and then later went back to view the actual url. I thought I could then change the reference to the file by using that url that indexes in step with my image naming convention - which is numbered. Here's an example of the url: ""  With each successive image, I just indexed 57915 by 1, since I noted that when I added a second image, the resulting url had the index "file=57916".

But, going back again, the first image appears properly, but not the following. Further, I went back later, and without changing anything, the first image also became a  broken link.

So, if there is a convenient way to do relative referencing, that would be the best. Alternatively, what's the easiest way to get files in and displaying properly within an HTML file (ie via the Mahara insertion tool, "Some HTML")?

Thank you for any help! Again!!


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25 February 2012, 19:49

Hello George,

We had not looked into this further as Lisa had not given us more information or access.

Mahara does not have relative paths. Some users had asked in other forums if it were possible to upload a pre-existing web sites, e.g. .

Linking to an image within a text box or HTML or display it should be avoided as the image will not have the proper permissions when viewed by other people as Mahara does not recognize it as an artefact in a portfolio page. It is better to include the image via the "An image" block.

In terms of guessing the URL: That can be hit an miss as the file name is not incremented just for you but is counted up for everyone on the site. Thus, if you upload file 123, another user can upload a file before you have a chance to upload your second one and thus have file 124 for a pdf file wheras your second image will be 125.

You write that your first images was not displayed whe you went back a second time: Did you look at it in the edit mode or did you have somebody else check from their account? Is the image generally still in your files area?



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25 May 2012, 12:57

Hi, have you altered your settings in the Cpanel under the Security Holtlinks Protection tab.  I did this and found that all the pics on my site were deleted and placeholders put in their place.  If you did, either turn it off again or give permissions as directed in the wizard.

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20 June 2013, 0:33

Sorry to revive this query, but I've come across the same thing.

I uploaded a couple of images to Site Files and brought them onto the main Dashboard using the image tool in the HTML editor.   One the live site which has only one institution, this is fine.  On the development site, which has 13 institutions added later, none of the members of these 13 institutions can see the images.

It's not possible using the Admin interface to edit the institution Dashboard. I discovered that, if the files are uploaded to the Public folder in Site Files, they can be viewed by all members of all institutions.

Hope this helps.


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