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displaying websites in Mahara

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07 April 2011, 14:42

I've just done a search on this and would appreciate someone either confirming (or denying) that you can (or can't!) upload a zipped website, unzip it and by linking to the index.html file (or even using it in a "some html" block )  get to show a website you have made in another program like Dreamweaver. I know students can make views and then collections and have their own websites in that respect and that is fine; I was just wondering, for those who use other programs in their courses, if Mahara was suitable for displaying them (rather than simply offering them for download) Thanks

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07 April 2011, 16:35


I can confirm that you can't upload a zipped pre-prepared website into Mahara for display.  There's some discussion about this on the following threads:

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08 April 2011, 1:20

Pity, but thanks for confirming.

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