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Access Denied, Artefact xxx not in view yyy

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04 November 2011, 6:20

Strange problem on an old 1.2 site

In an existing View I added a folder of files. None of the files inside the folder are accessible I get...

Access Denied, You do not have access to view this page, Artefact xxx is not in view yyy. 

The xxx and yyy ids look sensible. Adding the file individualy works fine and adding the folder to a new view works fine. The view is huge so I am reluctant to ask the user to recreate it (especially as we don't know why it isn't working)

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06 November 2011, 12:43

Hello Howard,

This may be a cron issue like



P.S. You may want to take moving to Mahara 1.4 into consideration. Mahara 1.2 is not supported anymore. That means there are no security updates made and no bugs are fixed.

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Posts: 191

14 November 2011, 4:34

Thanks - I'll have a look at that. 

My difficulties upgrading from 1.2 are cronicled in full elsewhere Cry

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