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Re-thinking groups

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08 May 2011, 1:04 AM


[This is a re-post from the developer and pedagogy forum. We moved the discussion to the "Comments on feature proposals" forum, formerly known as "Roadmap & Funding" to have the discussion in one place.]

One aspect that Catalyst is looking into is the restructuring of groups. Currently, especially the distinction between invite and request groups makes it difficult to choose for someone who wants to invite users to join the group in the beginning but also allow for others who stumble upon the group to request membership.

There have been discussions for additional group functionality and these have been taken into consideration for the proposal.

I have put a proposal for restructuring groups on the Mahara wiki and invite everybody to comment on it. Either directly on the wiki page (if you aren't aleady logged in, you will have to wait until we sort out the error next week) or here in this discussion thread.

Thank you


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17 May 2011, 7:08 AM

Hi Kristina


I totally agree. I think that groups need to be restructured to function in more user-friendly ways. In my opinion, being a facebook and ning user, an open group needs to be one where you can invite people. When you choose to create an open group the ability to invite people should be there by default, but this functionality is reserved for invite-only groups. I hope that something is done about this, as groups is the key to mahara working for social reflection and feedback.

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