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05 May 2011, 3:03 PM

I looked at the Roadmap on the wiki, but there was very little mentioned about the Resume tab. From the messages on other forums, it seems 1.4 release is immenent, and while looking at the - the Resume features look the same as 1.3.

I'm interested in the Resume capacity/layout because the ability for learners in professional programs to begin to really assemble a strong CV aspect to their portfolio would serve them very well for:

  • Applying for jobs (obviously), but not so relevant to medical schools
  • Appliations to post-graduate (residency in medicine)
  • Applications for grants/bursaries/scholarships
  • Applications for elective placements, information for preceptors.

I believe that by building features/fields that are more academically appropriate (peer reviewed papers, citations style format), it would be easier to convince professional learners to take up the challenge of using an ePortfolio early in their learning.

Any information or updates on if/how the Resume aspect of the upcoming or future releases might change?  Anyone working on improvements?  Anyone developing plugins?

Thanks - Tim

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06 May 2011, 6:44 AM

Hello Tim,

Improvements to the resume had been on the 1.4 roadmap in the early stages, but then other work took precedence.

Recently, Klaus Gutermann-Himpsl and I had a brief email exchange about resumes in Mahara and he had a few suggestions for improvement as well that he wanted to share with everybody when he had a bit of time to write it up (we had the conversation in German so I can't just copy and paste). I think it would be good if you outlined your ideas in a wiki page and linked it here so that it could be discussed further and other ideas could be brought in to see what a future CV should ideally include.



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06 May 2011, 7:28 AM

I have tried to log in to the wiki with my username and password but am getting a 404 error.  Advice?

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06 May 2011, 3:35 PM

Hi Tim,

Sorry, I don't know why you can't log in to the wiki. I also get a 404 error though I use the same password as on Francois or Richard will have to look into that as they have server access.



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09 May 2011, 4:00 AM

Hello Tim,

Unfortunately, the problem with the wiki can't be fixed easily and would need further investigation. As we are about to move the existing wiki to MediaWiki (a number of users had asked for that), we think it is a better use of our time to speed up this migration process and move to MediaWiki sooner.

There are a few things that need to be tested before we can open the MediaWiki instance for Mahara, Once the tests are completed successfully, we should be good to go and hope to have this instance up within a week.



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20 May 2011, 7:11 AM

Hello Kristina,

As advised we decided to share some of our views and suggestions on the Résumé section


Suggestions for improvements

Cover Letter Field:

  • Currently the cover letter field comes first, however we think it would be best if it was to be the last section to fill in.
  • If somebody is using the cover letter feature to share with prospective employers – then each cover letter has to be personalized. That means the user would have to re-write it each time. We think it would be best if you could save multiple cover letters.


Goals Field:

  • It is not something we would associate with a CV, perhaps it’s better suited to the plans section. There the user can not only track the progress of activities, coursework, etc. But they could also track progress of goals. Perhaps these could be ticked off when reached.


Achievements Field:

  • Currently includes: certifications, accreditations, awards; books and publications; professional memberships. Speaking from a student point of view, you would struggle to find any who have managed to get a book published or are a member of union, etc.
  • The current format restricts the user from entering anything else outwith the selected parameters.
  • We would suggest to replace it with a free text box where user can input their own, personal achievements they wish to include. These can include certifications or course/work-related accomplishments or personal achievements e.g. captained school football team to a district championship.


The original document is attached:

22 May 2011, 10:39 AM

Hello Kristina and Daniel,

I agree with Daniel on all his requests. I suggest Daniel to open a ticket into the bugs tracker as a feature request for each of his propositions.

I personally think that the most important are the ability to have more than one cover letter and to publish one of those on a specific page; and the ability to rename / adapt the Achievement fields to something that fits secondary/primary training and not only professional CV

I disagree with Daniel on the Goals field, which I find at its right place. During interview we usually ask candidates about their goals (personal and professional).

Interesting point of view, Daniel, thank you for sharing it with the community.


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24 February 2015, 11:35 PM

Making the resume in a professional manner is very important. It should include all the details about us with a structure that should be very neat.

It must include details about the project and research papers we have done so far.

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