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25 February 2011, 4:49

May sound like a dumb question but...

I know you can increase storage space for an individual user, but is there a storage limit for groups? When the group files are uploaded - where to they sit?

Just a question asked by one of our lecturers who will be uploading and sharing a number of quite large jpgs to his group members and didn't want to run out of room,

I look forwards to your responses!

Sam Laughing

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25 February 2011, 7:12

Hello Samantha,

We do not have storage limit for groups, so it is only limited by the amount of your diskspace where mahara data directory is physically located. When group files are uploaded, they will be visible in Files tab when the group page is open.


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25 August 2017, 20:34

Hello, I am having a problem with a group´s storage limit and I don´t see how I can change it, even though I´m logging as administrator..... please, someone can help me?

The system´s message is:

"Uploading this file would exceed this group's disk quota. Try deleting some files you have uploaded."

Thank you!!


I answer myself.......

I found in the group´s settings the option to increase the storage limit....

Sorry for this post!

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28 August 2017, 9:29

Hello Margari,

Great that you could find the answer to your question yourself. For those that are wondering where to find the group setting that you are talking about, it's in the site admin section under "Groups" -> "Administer groups" and then click on the "Manage" button next to the group whose quota you want to increase.





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