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Feedback on Mahara 1.4 test 1

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20 December 2010, 14:53

Are you meaning pop All the profile pages into the new Files area? so basically the same as it is now but having a name that relates more to Files than Create/Manage?

Or just some of the subsections like Profile icon and Resume and leave the 'About Me' stuff in a separate Profile tab anyway?


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17 December 2010, 7:57


Initial feedback - LOOKS AWESOME!

  1. I really like the language changes to 'pages' and 'journals'
  2. I think that the image gallery option is great :)
  3. The tabs and navigation options are so much more user friendly


  1. Have the themes for individual views/pages been dropped?
  2. It still would be nice to be able to allow formatting in some of the Resume boxes - just the simple wysiwyg editor would suffice?

Still - it looks fab!

Sam Laughing

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19 December 2010, 18:30

Hi Sam,

It's probably just a bug that themes are not availabel on regular views / pages. They should certainly still be available.

I can see the WYSIWYG editor in the Resumé for the cover letter, goals, skills and interests. Did you mean the other fields?



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20 December 2010, 4:14

Hiya - yeah, sorry I meant under education and employment details

Sam Smile

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20 December 2010, 5:30

I'm not so sure, that it is a bug.

As it is stated in 1.4 Whishlist ( under View Theming (easy) section:

"Disable small headers and view themes by default."

Anybody who wants to try "View Skins" (which may find their way into official Mahara, hopefully in 1.4) can do it at .

Username: test, password: test140test.

Than go to My Portfolio -> My Skins and create your skins. You can set the theme/skin at view creation page...

Community please let me know, what do you think....


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20 December 2010, 5:56

Wow Gregor!

I could play with the 'My Skins' feature all day! Being able to customise the look and feel of their ePortfolio pages was one of the top requests from our students - I bet they'd love this too!

Sam Smile

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20 December 2010, 6:05

I also think, that it is important feature. Also the gusy from Core Mahara Team share my oppinion. Hopefully they will find the time to include this in Mahara 1.4.

Thumbs up.


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05 January 2011, 10:36

This is a nice feature Gregor. I could see it being useful for us. I hope you'll be sharing it even if it doesn't appear in 1.4!

Why the 'skins' terminology? It's confusing when choosing from the list of options to see 'themes' and 'skins'.

Best wishes,


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06 January 2011, 2:56

I can't. It heavily depends on core stuff, so when they (Mahara Core Team) change it, this won't work. So I hope it will get into official Mahara (1.4 or one of next releases).

Skins only apply to the view for which they are selected (and of course on the preview of that view).

Themes apply to all the pages (for the whole site).


Thanks, for best wishes.

Regards, Gregor

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06 January 2011, 3:43

Hi Gregor,

OK, no problem. 

Regarding the terminology - I see the distinction you are making but (IMHO) I still find it distracting to have two terms. What would you think of 'Site Themes' and 'Page Themes' instead of 'Themes' and 'Skins'?