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19 August 2010, 17:48

To discuss items for the v1.4 upgrade described in the mahara roadmap wiki

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30 August 2011, 17:28

Hi Guys

This is a request for broadening the base from which videos can be embedded, such as theonion and bliptv. Is there a workaround to get videos from these sources into a page?


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30 August 2011, 21:04

Hi David,

Feel free to create a new bug report on the Mahara tracker if there are any embed codes that aren't working in 1.4 and you think should be added to Mahara.



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27 June 2012, 3:11


I dont't think if this is the exact point to say it, but I have 2 improvements I'd like Mahara had:

  • As site-admin  I'd like making collections of site pages. Admins can make a lot of site pages, but they can't make a whole collection with them.
  • Groups don't have plans. I think it's a good idea that membres of the group could plan  group's future activity  and goals.

Well, if you thing there's a better place, please, tell me and I'll change my proposal.


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29 June 2012, 23:39

Hello Joan,

Thank you for your suggestions. You should add them to our feature tracker as wishlist items. There they'll not be lost.

Mahara 1.6 will have collections for institution pages. Maybe somebody is going to expand it for site pages as well.



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30 June 2012, 14:28

Thanks Cristina,

I did it:

I think collections are a great idea and I'll like to make them at any level.


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01 July 2012, 4:17

Great. Thank you, Joan. Now let's hope that somebody will pick it up. Smile



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