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Nigel McNie leaving Catalyst

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09 November 2009, 6:33

What can I say, man?

This is baaaaaad - and very sad - news for us but I know we all want the very best for you.  I am sure you could work in a motorbikes angle, somehow?

All I can say is that you were always, always there: always listening, always giving, always guiding.


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09 November 2009, 8:52

Thanks for all the help Nigel!

Good luck!

09 November 2009, 10:58

Hi Nigel,

Thank you for your great contribution, good luck and all the best :)


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09 November 2009, 14:41

Geez man. Im shocked!

You have done a fantastic job as project lead and you will surely be very hard to replace.

Thankyou for your hard work, commitment and time (especially when answering my numerous questions) and I wish you the best in your new endeavor.

Don't be a stranger.

Julian (aka Moodleman) 

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09 November 2009, 15:51

Thanks for all the great code, Nigel, and best of luck!

09 November 2009, 17:21

Dear Nigel,

I wish you my very best for your next aventure. For me you are the soul of this project, event If I know that other tallented people, as Richard Mansfield, Penny et al, are working hard on it.

I hope that Mahara will continue its progression towards a wider use all over the world. Mahara is one of the best open source project and the most useful I have seen ever.

I am sad to see you leaving a project I love but also happy you find new challenge and yes, if you wanto to introduce motorbike: yes you can.

I alway knew that you will leave this project or Catalyst at some point, but such decision is nevertheless a suprise.

Thank you for your time on the forums, your help, your tallent, your patience. Thank you and don't go too far, keep in touch. I whish you will have fun to be able to launch version 1.2 before your leaving.

And if, as Penny, you feel attracted to settle down or just visit Switzerland, you know you have a place to stay.

Have fun,

Friendly yours,


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09 November 2009, 17:58

I can only say a big thank you, and good luck in your with your new company.

It's been a real pleasure working with you and I'll sorely miss you on #mahara irc channel Cry


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09 November 2009, 18:38

From the other side of the World, Argentina, I wish you success and happiness with your new project. Please let us know your advances with this project. sincerely. Fred
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10 November 2009, 4:38

Thank you very much for all your help and hard work.

Good luck with your new adventure, Nigel!


¡Buena suerte!

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10 November 2009, 7:34

hi Nigel,

I truly admire your work that stands there today as a great platform for e-Portfolio and other derivate applications. I appreciate the help and support you have provided to the people and i am sure you made the day for many of them.

I wish you best of luck for your future endeavors and your new Company. 

Many thanks for such a nice time and such a wonderful application.