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05 October 2009, 23:16

"Therefore I think only the feedback author should be allowed to make feedback private, and they should only be able do this when placing the feedback, or if there have been no replies and less than n minutes have passed since it was first posted."

Why not the view owner anymore as it is the current practice?

I was thinking that when the view owner removes public feedback, we want everyone to be able to see a message saying that the feedback was removed.

If the owner is allowed to make feedback private instead of (or as well as) removing it, they would be able to make it disappear without the message appearing in its place.

I also don't think it's any great hardship for the view owner that they can't turn feedback private.  Unless we make some more changes, private feedback is not a discussion (unlike public feedback). Private feedback is just one-way from the poster to the owner, because they are the only two people who can see it. So if the owner attempts to reply to previous feedback by putting private feedback on their own view, it won't work because no one else will be able to see it, not even people who have put up earlier private feedback on the same view.

"The view owner can delete any feedback on their view.  Users looking at the list of feedback will see a message: "Feedback removed by the view owner".  A notification will be sent to the feedback author to inform them that their comment was deleted."

That notification should include the feedback comment in my opinion to refresh the mind of the feedback owner. If he places a lot of feedback he may not know anymore what he had written.

Yes, I think that's a good idea too.
"The view owner should never be allowed to hide private feedback from a tutor." Or do you mean "public" feedback? I think public makes more sense in the sentence.

I think that stopping people from hiding public feedback by tutors is okay, as long as the view has been submitted to a course group, and the tutor comes from that same group.

Before the view is submitted, and after the view is released, we really have no way to know that the view has anything to do with any particular group at all, unless we make some further changes to remember that.  So when a view gets released, I think the owner should be allowed to remove any public feedback on it.

If it's important to keep the tutor feedback visible after the view is released, then I think it would be better to do this with a site setting; maybe we could add support for 'permanent' feedback, which could be enabled at the site level for use by tutors only.

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06 October 2009, 15:44

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your explanations. The more I think about the distinction between private and public feedback and the future feedback options, I wonder if is will be necessary at all to have private feedback or if it is only really necessary when feedback cannot be removed. Right now, making feedback private helps to hide all my test feedbacks on a view.

If a tutor wants to send truely private feedback, he could use the course-request-membership-feedback-file option or send an email.

Speaking of deleting feedback / comments: Will it be possible at some point to delete wall messages? If the same mechanism is in place as for the feedback, deleting of wall comments could be implemented as well (easily?). That does not need to be as elaborate as for the feedback though in my opinion.


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06 October 2009, 16:57

Hi Kristina,

Deleting of wall posts is already available!

I think the course-request-membership-feedback-file option you're talking about is really just ordinary feedback.  It's just that tutors currently get the chance to attach a file when they're giving feedback on a submitted view.

I think there will always be a need to allow that kind of feedback to be private, and if it isn't already, we should probably make tutor feedback on submitted views private by default.

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06 October 2009, 17:44

Deleting wall posts is available in 1.2 Wink not in 1.1.

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