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De Chiara Antonella - Member

Web Developer

An energetic and imaginative young web developer who is able to work alongside other talented professionals in creating static/dynamic websites to the very highest standards.

Joined: 24 September 2016
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Derrin Kent - Member

I work for TDM - A Mahara partner organisation based in Worcestershire, England.  I'm a Jack-of-all-Trades cross between a "Trainer", a "Manager" and a "Technologist".

Joined: 12 April 2009
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Dirk Meyer - Member

Educator and digital explorer. I work in a k-12 environment. Presently I support mahara by participating in the forums, filing the odd bug report and by providing free mahara accounts at

Joined: 20 February 2011
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Dominique-Alain JAN - Member

Mahara and Moodle advocate / Mahara French translator.

I am Director of ICT and a teacher of Economics at the Gymnase de Nyon - a further education college of 1400 students between 16-20 years old - in Canton de Vaud (Switzerland). Since 2007, in addition to my day-to-day teaching at the Gymnase, I have been lecturing on new technology and e-Learning methodology at the State's Teacher Training School (HEP) in Lausanne.

In my school, I am particularly active in alternative learning strategies and I have introduced a course about "Learning to learn". This is a programme given by three colleagues and myself, that helps students with a range of learning difficulties to discover and learn strategies for improving their way of learning and helping them to understand new methods of knowledge acquisition. Furthermore I have developed and I am maintaining our eLearning services on a Moodle platform with more than 45 lessons given in blended learning conditions (part in class, part distance learning).

Joined: 2 August 2009
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Don Christie - Member

Director of Catalyst IT Limited, President of the NZ Open Source Society and sailing geek,
Joined: 30 March 2009
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Don Presant - Member

I'm the President of Learning Agents, an independent producer of rich media e-learning solutions for workplace training, career development and professional development.

Among other things, Learning Agents is the producer of Career Portfolio Manitoba, a lifelong solution to career development using Mahara, working with Keystone Adult Education Services Inc., with funding from Workplace Education Manitoba and WPLAR.

My Twitter ID is donpresant and I tweet a lot about eportfolios and Mahara.

Joined: 13 February 2013
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Ellen Marie Murphy - Member

Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the Center for Distance Learning with SUNY Empire State College

Joined: 9 December 2011
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Emilie Lenel - Member

Ingénieur pédagogique au Centre d'Enseignement Multimédia Universitaire de Caen, chef de projet "Livret de l'interne", ePortfolio MAHARA d'apprentissage et d'évaluation pour les internes en médecine.

Customisation charte graphique, architecture et artefacts MAHARA 1.4.

Joined: 11 June 2015
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Eric Hsin - Member

Joined: 22 November 2011
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Éric CASTEX - Member

Joined: 21 May 2012
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