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Skills for Learning - supporting your students. Learning and Information Services provide the Skills for Learning programme of support and resources, to enable your students to develop their academic, information and study skills. This wiki is intended as a quick reference guide to the resources available for you to use with your students. It covers a number of different academic study skills areas, as well as a number of different methods of skills development. The document takes the form of a number of links to resources and further information via our dedicated skills website. The resources can take a number of different forms: we run regular weekly workshops and offer one to one drop-in sessions and appointments. Skills for Learning also provides a range of online support including the interactive resource Skills 4 Study campus as well as study guides and tutorials. Take a look at the grid below to see the various types of support we offer for the different academic study skills needed for students to succeed. We are more than happy to give advice around embedding any resources into your teaching time or Wolf topic. This document can also be downloaded. Get in touch with us via your liaison librarian at: or telephone (01902) 323648.

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Student development  needs.


Study guides




Skills4studycampus (log-in required)  


Open educational resources

 L4 To find high quality information for assignment



L5,6 7

To find information for background reading, and primary sources of information for projects and dissertations



Finding Academic Information (1 hour)




Advanced Information Searching (on request, 1.5 hours)

Guide to Finding Information (pdf)


Summon guide (Web)



Guide to Evaluating Information (pdf)


Guide to Writing a Literature Review (pdf)



Guide to Finding Information (mp3)





Guide to Evaluating Information (mp3)


Guide to Writing a Literature Review (mp3)


Finding Journal Articles (YouTube)



Getting Ready for Academic Study module




Studying effectively



Reading for your course (Prepare)


Find a book on the shelf (Wolf)


Conducting Research (Purdue Owl)







Workshop for finding business information (Jorum)


Finding journals online (Jorum)

To plan and write in an academic style













Introduction to Academic Writing (1.5 hours)


Good Academic Practice and writing: paraphrasing, referencing and TurnItIn (30mins - 1hour)








Guide to Academic Writing (pdf)


Guide to Planning your Assignment (pdf)


Guide to Assignment Task Words (pdf)


Guide to Reflective Writing (pdf)


Guide to Proofreading (pdf)




Guide to Academic Writing (mp3)


Guide to Planning your Assignment (mp3)


Guide to Assignment Task Words (mp3)


Guide to Reflective Writing (mp3)


Guide to Proofreading (mp3)


Writing Your Assignment (YouTube)



Academic writing


Planning your writing


Developing your writing


Improving your writing


Writing for different subjects





Academic Writing (Prepare)


Assignments (OU)


Writing (Monash)


Writing for Uni (Learn Higher)


Writing Lab (Purdue Owl)




Research skills (Jorum)


Reading skills (Jorum)



ASK planning tool









To be a critical thinker


Introduction to Critical Thinking (1.5 hours)



Introduction to Critical Reading (pdf)


Introduction to Critical Writing (pdf)

Introduction to Critical Thinking (YouTube)


What is critical thinking?


Critical reading and writing


Evaluating evidence


Critical reading techniques (OU)

Reading Skills Tutorial (Jorum)


To write a report

Report Writing (1 hour)


Guide to Report Writing (pdf)


Report Writing (YouTube)


Guide to Report Writing (mp3)





Report Writing (Jorum)


Working within a group










Guide to Group Work (pdf)





Guide to Group Work

(mp3 audio)


How to Work in a Group




Group Work




Working with Others (Learn Higher)


Making Group Work work  (Jorum)





To improve your presentation skills


Improving your Presentation Skills (1 hour)



Guide to Poster Design (pdf)


Guide to Poster Design (mp3 audio)


Presentation Skills  (YouTube)


Presentation module


Giving Presentations (Skills for OU Study)

Presentation Skills (Jorum)


To  read and make notes




Guide to Effective Reading (pdf)



Guide to Effective Reading (mp3 audio)


Making notes during lectures


Making notes while reading


Reading effectively


Reading (Monash)

Note-taking Techniques

(Skills for OU Study)


Research Skills (Including Writing, Research, Reading and Note-making)



To prepare for exams




Guide to Exam Preparation (pdf)

Guide to Exam Preparation (mp3 audio)


Exam Skills module


Revising and Examinations

(Skills for OU Study)


Exam Skills Tutorial (Jorum) 


To prepare for projects and dissertations .


Thinking about  your Dissertation(1.5 hours)


Guide to Finding Information (pdf)



Guide to Writing a Literature Review

(mp3 audio)


Projects, dissertations and reports module




To do a literature  review



Starting a Literature Review (1.5 hours)


Literature Review for Postgraduates (on request, 1.5 hours) 


Guide to Writing a Literature Review (pdf)


Guide to Evaluating Information (pdf)


Guide to Time Management (pdf)



Guide to Finding Information (mp3 audio)


Guide to Evaluating Information (mp3 audio)


Guide to Time Management (mp3 audio)


Time management module



Referencing & reference management

Harvard (1 hour)


Oxford (1.5 hours)


APA (1 hour)


Referencing with RefWorks (1 hour)

Harvard (pdf)


Oxford (pdf)


APA (pdf)


Refworks (pdf)


Advanced RefWorks (pdf)





Construct a reference (WOLF)


Oxford (Video)




Understanding plagiarism

Refworks website


RefWorks YouTube channel


Learn Higher







Employability skills (pdf)


Group work/Presentations/

Reflective writing (pdf)


Exams/Reading/Note-making (pdf)


Academic writing/Essays/Reports (pdf)



Dissertation writing (pdf)


Referencing/IT (pdf)



Guide to Improving Your Memory (pdf)



Employability skills - podcast


Groupwork/Presentations/Reflective writing - podcast


Exams/Reading/Note-making - podcast


Academic writing/Essays/Reports - podcast



Dissertation writing - podcast


Referencing/IT - podcast


Guide to Improving Your Memory (mp3 audio)

Employability & Personal Development

Learn Higher


Purdue (Job Search)


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