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Moodle uses XMLRPC connect to Mahara issue

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03 May 2024, 15:20

Hi All,

We have installed Mahara 22.10 and setup XMLRPC for Moodle assignment submission in Mahara and Moodle respectively by following the online document but it is not working (see the image). Sorry for making so many questions in these few weeks, fully appreciated for all the suggestions.

Here are what we've checked at this state,

1. Time is in sync on both servers

2. Settings are configured according to the document

3. No Web Services Error log is found



  • XMLRPC_failure.PNG
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03 May 2024, 19:13

From checking in moodle, found there is error: no key match in MNet test client.

But I've already re-added the public key on both sides.

  • moodle_mnet.PNG
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04 May 2024, 3:26

Hi Simon,

If you are just starting out to connect your Mahara site to Moodle, I would not recommend using MNet as that is being deprecated and is causing issues in PHP 8.1+ due to the underlying protocol, XMLRPC, not being supported any more by PHP out of the box as a compiled plugin.

I recommend you go with LTI and web services. The Mahara assignment submission plugin exists for that as well.



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05 May 2024, 15:39

Hi Kristina,

Understand that it’ll be not supported anymore in newer versions. As we’re currently using XMLRPC in old version of Moodle, my leader would like to switch to LTI until further upgrade. Therefore, they would like to keep the existing authentication method if possible. Of course, we will still study to use LTI at this state for future use. Thanks.




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