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/vendor/autoload.php not found

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03 May 2024, 2:34


I am installing a fresh version of Mahara 24.04 and encountered this warning just after saing config.php.

[WAR] 39 [homepath]mahara/vendor/autoload.php not found. Please run 'composer install' or 'make initcomposer'
Call stack (most recent first):

    require_once( ) at [hompath]mahara/index.php:16

I have found this message with a very similar message and an issue about some files in the parent directory, but could'nt find any further information in the wiki. Are there any files from this parent directory to be moved to htdocs? I'm not updating, just installing.

Many thanks in advance,

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03 May 2024, 9:15

Hi Ramón,

Are you installing a new site from the zipped install file or are you installing a site via a git checkout?

If you are using git to control the files then you will need to run the following command in the directory where the 'Makefile' lives

 make initcomposer && make css

to generate needed files for the site



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03 May 2024, 20:34

I downloaded the whole zip from the web, unzipped locally, zipped again htdocs and moved it to my server. Vendor folder is not in my htdocs folder.
I'm in a RHEL 9 environment with no https ready, just testing requirements and extensions.
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04 May 2024, 3:30

Hi Ramón,

Can you please confirm that you use the Zip file from the 'Releases' section under the heading 'Mahara download files' for the version of Mahara you are using? That has the compiled code, and you shouldn't encounter the problem you stated.

If you download the zip files of the source code (either from the repository or the 'Releases' section under 'Assets' for each release), you won't get compiled code, but only the source code.

Thank you


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04 May 2024, 20:12


No, I did not take the code from the "Releases" section. That seems to be the problem, I'ii check it out.


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